Corporate Citizenship

Corporate citizenship has been an integral part of Siemens from the very beginning. We strive to contribute to the sustainable development of the regions, in which we operate. The Project Asha in India is just one example of the many corporate social responsibility initiatives we have launched.

Non-profit solutions for a global community

Corporate Citizenship is Siemens’ voluntary commitment in society with the aim to advance societies by making our technology and knowledge accessible to more people around the world. As part of our commitment to social responsibility, Siemens donates some 21.2 million Euros annually. We strive to create shared value in every country, in which we operate, while strengthening our business performance. We build our commitment on three pillars: access to technology, access to education, and sustaining communities.
Access to technology

Sharing progress

We want to share our knowledge in electrification, automation, digitization as well as scientific research and make it accessible to people around the world. This know-how has the potential to significantly improve the quality of life of many.

Siemens' project Asha in the Indian village of Amle has brought fundamental change to the living conditions of an entire village community:

The Sanjeevan Mobile Clinic

In cooperation with Smiles Foundation and the Society for Nutrition, Education & Health Action, a Siemens corporate Citizenship initiative in India has launched a mobile healthcare clinic. The clinic, equipped with Siemens Healthcare technology, brings the examination room to underserved communities who are unable to access a hospital for financial or health reasons, or due to poor infrastructure.

Access to education

Our future depends on knowledge

Making education accessible to all people is crucial to our future – and that of our company. This is why we work with hundreds of universities around the world and support several thousand research collaborations. We want to spark enthusiasm in potential young scientists and engineers for areas of learning relevant to Siemens, and we want to provide them the tools they need to tackle both current and future challenges.

More than 180,000 STEM workers every year: Siemens supports natural sciences

Qualifications in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) – in science, technology, engineering and mathematics – play a vital role in the future of our country and its people. They shape the innovative power, the growth, but also the professional prospects of every individual. But even though the numbers of employees in science and technology have increased in recent years, we will face a shortage of more than 180,000 people with engineering skills annually in the UK alone.

Integration Program for Refugees

Integrating refugees into society is currently one of the most important issues in Germany. Since 2016, Siemens has contributed to this integration by offering paths into the German labor market via internships and special training courses. Additionally, colleagues in many locations volunteered and helped to foster integration on a personal level. These initiatives have helped to provide refugees with new perspectives for the future.

In 2018, Siemens' already established activities were expanded to additional locations. A total of 96 refugee participants were trained in six special training courses and three-month internships for refugees will be offered at 23 locations in Germany.

Sustaining communities

Enhanced living conditions in Siemens' regions

We contribute to society with a focus on social engagement, culture and education. Our cultural commitment is part of our self-understanding as a socially responsible company protecting values, unleashing creativity and inspiring progress. This involvement includes humanitarian emergency aid and financial and technical assistance in the wake of natural disasters.

Disaster relief for Nepal

Siemens Stiftung

The Siemens Stiftung: hands-on, collaborative, impact-oriented

The non-profit corporate foundation is committed to promoting sustainable social development. In international project work, the foundation supports people in taking the initiative to responsibly address current challenges. To support this effort, the foundation collaborates with partners to develop solutions and programs with technological and social innovation playing a central role.

The Foundation at a glance

With a start-up capital of 390 million Euros, Siemens Stiftung was established as a non-profit foundation under the German Civil Code. It complements Siemens Corporate Citizenship initiatives and cooperates with the other 6 Siemens foundations established by the company in Argentina, Brazil, Denmark, Colombia, in the USA and in France.

  • Areas of work: Basic needs & social entrepreneurship, education, culture
  • Focus regions: Africa, Latin America, Europe
  • Approach: operative, international, cooperative, transparent