Covid-19 Aid Fund

Donations for fast and unbureaucratic help

The challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the biggest challenges the world has seen in decades. In a very short time, it has fundamentally changed the lives of billions of people: in their private life as well as in their professional environment. Uncertainty about how things will continue is causing many worries and fears.

Let's help!

We cannot predict the future, but we can choose how to deal with the crisis.


Therefore, the Managing Board of Siemens AG has decided to set up a COVID-19 aid fund. Under the auspices of the community-serving nonprofit organization Siemens Caring Hands e.V., this aid fund is to provide support, without red tape, to relief organizations and medical facilities as well as to individuals impacted by the COVID-19 crisis worldwide.


Siemens AG will match every euro donated by Siemens employees, meaning the company will donate the same amount to Siemens Caring Hands.

Who can donate?

Employees of Siemens Healthineers and Siemens Gamesa, as well as any other interested individuals are welcome to participate in the initiative (Siemens AG employees can find further information in the Siemens intranet – please find the link in the section below). Starting today, you can make monetary donations to Siemens Caring Hands e.V. by specifying “COVID-19” as the purpose of the gift. 

How to donate

To donate, please use the following account:


IBAN: DE13 7007 0010 0033 3377 02




at Deutsche Bank. 

Tax information for the tax deductibility of donations from individuals and companies

Siemens Caring Hands e.V. is recognized by the Munich Tax Office as serving charitable and non-profit purposes (including promotion of public health and public health care, promotion of the welfare system).


For donations from private individuals and companies taxable in Germany up to EUR 200, a simplified proof of your donation is sufficient in the context of your tax return (e.g. cash payment slip, bank account statement, printout from online banking). A donation receipt will therefore not be issued for individual donations up to EUR 200.


For donations over EUR 200 you will receive a donation receipt from Siemens Caring Hands e.V. For this purpose, we ask you to provide us with your complete private address or the company address for donations from companies (via payment reference).


For people who are not taxable in Germany, tax deductibility is generally problematic. In this case, please contact your tax advisor. 

Donations by Siemens employees

Employees of Siemens AG and of Siemens affiliated companies can find further information about the course of action and the initiative here

If you want to submit a project to the Covid19 Relief Fund for consideration, please provide the required information in the project proposal form and email it to Your request will be reviewed by the board of Siemens Caring Hands e.V.

About Siemens Caring Hands

Siemens Caring Hands e.V. is a charitable association that was founded at the initiative of Siemens AG in 2001.


At the time, Siemens AG Management and employees wanted to provide direct, uncomplicated assistance to victims of the September 11 attacks.


Caring Hands also reacted in 2004 to the large-scale tsunami in Asia and in 2013 to the historic flood in Germany. The charity has also provided assistance in response to several other natural disasters.

The association is especially active in providing support in major emergencies and pursues charitable and non-profit purposes. These include the promotion of assistance for disaster victims, support for fire / disaster / civil protection and the promotion of the public health system.


The association is based in Munich. Members of the board are.:

  • Prof. Dr. Christian Kaeser (Chairman),
  • Peter Kastenmeier (1st deputy chairman)
  • Prof. Dr. Stephan Frucht (2nd deputy chairman)