Diversity Equity & Inclusion brings more competition, innovation, and variety to Siemens

At Siemens we value diversity as the inclusion and collaboration of different thinking, backgrounds, experiences, expertise and individual qualities across all organizational levels.

Culture of acceptance and openness

In all our activities, actions, and programs, we want to make the most of the diversity in our workforce. We establish an open work environment for all of our employees, regardless of cultural background, ethnicity, origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity, expression, or characteristics. We create possibilities for diverse experiences and interactions, with the overall goal of achieving a diversity of mindsets throughout the company. To help our employees optimally develop their talents, we offer challenging jobs with numerous development opportunities in a modern working environment. Wide-ranging options for health and work-life integration are included in our modern Siemens office concept.
In times of tremendous change it is more important than ever to seek for diversity & inclusion - diversity has become a business imperative. So be the change you want to see in the world like Gandhi said. The beauty of diversity & inclusion is simple to describe: you get remarkable results, more innovations and with this it is a critical business driver and pushes digitalization. 
Natalia Oropeza, Chief Cybersecurity Officer & Chief Diversity Equity & Inclusion Officer

Siemens nails its colors to the mast for more openness

Unconscious Bias

Exposing hidden thought patterns

Unconscious biases can impact the decisions we make without our being aware of it.

All human beings have these unconscious thought patterns in the form of expectations and preferences – for example, with regard to men and women. Often, however, these are based on unsubstantiated assumptions or stereotypes, and can hinder us from making objective decisions. The Implicit Association Test, created by Harvard University, shows that more than 70% of people associate men with career and women with family.

At Siemens, we want to sensitize our employees so that they can recognize these patterns and, with targeted training, learn to overcome them.

Gender balance

Our engagement for more gender equality

All gender equally contribute to our business success. Over the past years, Siemens has strived to create significant more employment opportunities for women - from board level to every single working place, thus also contributing to the UN’s sustainable development goal “Gender Balance”. In 2016, Siemens signed the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEP) by United Nations to strengthening our women in the company. It’s the first worldwide initiative focused on directly promoting and strengthening of women in companies.

Our achievements: More women along all levels

Arrangements and initiatives

Our commitment promoting women along all levels in the company does not end with complying legal requirements. Siemens AG intends to increase the percentage of woman in its top management positions.
For both of the companies top two management levels in Germany the share is to be kept stable or to be raised to 20% by end of June 2022. We further more continue to foster various initiatives, programs and measures to trigger an culture change to gender parity, diversity and inclusion.

International Women’s Day

Balance for Better

March 8th marks International Women’s Day, and this year’s theme is #BalanceforBetter.

We spoke to women at Siemens who’ve lived by this mantra throughout their careers.

Global presence

Siemens around the world; the whole world at Siemens

Our employees are as global as our locations. Siemens employs staff from 168 countries, and has offices in more than 200. At Siemens Germany alone, over 124 nations are represented, and approximately 7,184 employees have a foreign passport. This internationality of our workforce is reflected in all regions and on all levels: our global Management Team consists of employees from over 115 countries.
Culture of inclusion

Diversity has many faces

At Siemens, our culture of inclusion doesn’t end with the filling of required quotas. We promote diversity and want all employees to be able to be themselves. We support our employees’ many different ways of life as much as possible, for example by offering childcare, flexible work schedules, diversity employee networks, and workplaces equipped for the disabled.
Ability @ Siemens

Inclusion is more than just accessibility

For us at Siemens, Inclusion is a holistic mindset. Not only do we want to set an example of accessibility, we want to pave the way for inclusion in other companies. We have learned – you cannot prescribe inclusion in the interplay between man, environment and activity. You need to live accessibility and inclusion in the day to day. Our employees demonstrate how to overcome the “hurdles in the head” every single day – and we support them.
For us, inclusion is a company-wide priority. That's why we work every single day to break down visible and invisible barriers and promote an inclusive culture so that all our employees can develop their full potential.
Marina Zdravkovic, (Chairperson of the) General Representative Board for Disabled Employees, Siemens AG

At Siemens, it’s the individual potential that counts – no matter where you come from, what you look like or whether you live with an impairment or without

Inclusion creates an atmosphere of acceptance that profoundly enhances the company climate. All measures that promote inclusion achieve this: Employees feel more motivated and committed. Accessible and inclusive work environments open up perspectives, especially in areas where the shortage of skilled workers is a growing concern: Inclusion enables us to retain talents.

Diversity and inclusion are an integral part of our corporate strategy. Our 2009 integration agreement set high standards: jobs, qualifications and training were redesigned to accommodate employees with disabilities. Today, digitization is taking on a key role in the universal design of accessible and inclusive workplaces. Apps, assistance systems, robotics as well as modern software and hardware offer new possibilities for people with disabilities. We aim to make the most of these options.

At Siemens, inclusion takes first place! Siemens AG has won the “Inklusionspreisfür die Wirtschaft 2018”

A prize that honors the inclusion efforts of German businesses, for its approach and activities in including people with disabilities in the daily work of the company. This well-known prize is presented by the German Federal Employment Agency, the Confederation of German Employers' Associations (BDA), Germany's Charter of Diversity and the German Business Forum, and is sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. More than 200 German companies have applied for this award since 2012.


About the award (German only)

Stairs, font size, volume of sound can all turn into barriers. Siemens works on removing them. Two awards have now recognized our efforts.

About accessibility awards (German only)