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Unconscious Bias

How does Siemens overcome thought patterns that limit how we interact with people we perceive as different?

What is bias, and how does Siemens define it?

Unconscious Bias is a normal thing. Everybody who has a brain, has it!

White people can't dance. IT departments breed geeks, and Asians are better at math - Of course, we know these are stereotypes. To cope with the complexity of information in our daily lives, our brain creates shortcuts. We, continuously, from a young age, and without conscious thought, look for patterns in people, categorizing them along the way. The likes and dislikes we form in the process are biases.


From becoming aware of biases to taking action against them, reducing the impact for better decision making is a continuous journey of self-discovery and empowerment. At Siemens, we embrace the process.

Inclusion and cognitive diversity are more significantly influencing the standards of success organizations can attain.
Onyeche Tifase, Head of Siemens Nigeria

Why is the conscious handling of unconscious bias important to Siemens?

Challenge Unconscious Bias and the status quo making better decisions. Foster diversity and inclusion for long term success.

Our primary focus in battling unconscious bias is on encouraging constructive interactions and objective decision-making, especially in hiring and people development. This initiative is part of our broader efforts to nurture a workplace where diverse views are heard and valued, where individuals can realize their potential to its fullest, and where business benefits from drawing on the richness of their different perspectives, experiences, and skills. The key to such an inclusive way of life in a diverse workplace is openness. And, this includes openness in acknowledging and systematically addressing the impact of unconscious thought patterns in our daily interactions. 

We live in a world with a dynamic environment. In Siemens, we continuously challenge ourselves to be more open. Awareness about Unconscious Bias helps us overcome the limitations in terms of who we put in our diverse teams and opens more non-obvious opportunities. 
Cedrik Neike, Member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG and CEO Smart Infrastructure
Diverse teams create hotbeds of innovation. That's why companies like Siemens need to acknowledge and address diversity. Having biases is normal. So, let's tackle the issue, build awareness, and take action, now!
Roland Busch, Chief Technology Officer

How we take action for fairness and diversity at Siemens

At Siemens, we take a holistic approach to promoting bias awareness. To help teams and people embark on their anti-bias journey, we provide a steadily growing range of campaigns, trainings and tool implementations. Explore inclusion initiatives across Siemens.

Workshops for high-impact groups

We invite all line managers to join interactive workshops to explore theories about unconscious in light of their own experiences. With a focus on practical outcomes, these workshops aim to help people who manage people to come up with ideas about how to keep the impact of subconscious thought patterns in day-to-day business in check. These essential training units are available for people at Siemens via Learning Campus.

Join the battle against unconscious bias.

At Siemens we value the contribution of people with different ways of thinking, of different backgrounds, experiences and areas of expertise. It's people who make digitalization and innovation work for people, not the technology itself. Join our open and inclusive work environments, and make a difference.  

Diverse talents contribute to our business success.

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