Are you ready to shape the future?

Digital technologies are reshaping the way we work, interact, and collaborate. At Siemens, we embrace the challenge. We harness the power of education to empower our people to change the working world – responsibly and sustainably.
At Siemens, continuous learning has always been one of the keys to securing our future. The more highly qualified our employees are, the greater our innovative and competitive strength is as a company — meaning we can create an even greater impact and added value for our customers and society. Our ability and willingness to learn for life will be a decisive factor in determining whether we remain relevant and sustainably employable for the future in the face of constant change.
Judith Wiese, Chief People Officer, Chief Sustainability Officer and Member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG

We believe in quality education and technical training for all

Equal access to quality education and lifelong learning opportunities is one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals that lie at very core of the UN Agenda 2030. At Siemens, we put all these sustainability goals into practice in day-to-day business. Quality of education, however, is especially close to our hearts.

Teaching vital digital skills to future-proof careers

To help people at all levels acquire and keep sharp the skills they need to shape a digital and automated future, educators at Siemens provide pioneering quality programs in dual vocational education and training as well as lifelong learning. We encourage and inspire people to take ownership of their careers and seize the learning opportunities we offer.

Education in numbers


Vocational training

In 2022, Siemens trained 6,400 apprentices and dual students worldwide.


Lifelong learning

In fiscal 2022, Siemens invested a total of 205 million Euro in lifelong learning opportunities – an average of 667 Euro per employee.


A global footprint

Siemens vocational education and dual study programs are available in 28 countries across the globe.

Apprenticeships and dual study programs

Providing innovative and future-oriented education and training opportunities is key to the sustainability of our organization. To proactively address skill and qualification requirements as new job profiles emerge, we have created Siemens Professional Education. This in-house provider paves the way for talent into their digital working environments.

Vocational education at Siemens

At Siemens, we invest 169 million Euro per year in vocational training. In fiscal 2022 alone, 6,400 apprentices and dual students received vocational education – making us one of the largest providers of professional education for secondary-school graduates in the world.

Our programs are not limited to apprentices and dual students at Siemens. More than 800 participants from third-party organizations joined our vocational programs in 2022.

Competencies of the future

Sustainability and digitalization are core components of Siemens DNA and our philosophy of apprenticeships and dual study programs. Our curricula are continuously aligned with competencies of the future, such as robotics, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and digital twins as well as resource efficiency and clean energy. Learners are enabled to experiment, try out and learn self-responsibly along these core competencies to create value for people and environment.

Think global, train local

Siemens handles major projects all over the world. As part of our global activities, we develop local skills, sharing technical – and ever more digital – know-how. This way Siemens Professional Education supports our global business through a wide range of training activities and boosts job opportunities for local talent.

Dual education is a success story made in Germany

Dual education formats ensure daily opportunities for students to turn theory into practice, all while gaining valuable real-world experience on the job and taking the first steps in building their career. These programs put students on the fast track. As a global player, we are establishing this successful dual-training model outside of German-speaking culture. While the principle idea – theoretical study, applied learning, and on-the-job experience – remains, we adapt programs to local educational policies.

We’re continuously adapting our vocational training to new requirements – to make our apprentices as fit as possible for the future.
Thomas Leubner, Head of Siemens Professional Education

Lifelong learning for Siemens employees

Automation and digital technologies, from cloud networking to machine learning, are rapidly transforming the way we work. And, this accelerated pace of change is here to stay. Lifelong learning is the tool that enables us to update and expand skill sets as our workplaces evolve.

At Siemens, we offer a wide range of courses. Whether people want to develop their personal skills, support managers in team development, or assist leaders of key operations in changing procedures and processes, there are offerings for everyone.


Arming the right people with the right skills

The course program, provided by a network of contributors within the company and external partners, with its over 115,000 content and learning modules is rich in topics and formats. We are expanding options for colleagues who prefer to learn at their own pace. Our new learning platform, My Learning World, brings working and learning closer together. In fiscal 2022, the average Siemens employee spent some 26 hours on expanding their horizons in business, technical subjects, or product.

Our key to success is providing people at Siemens with the right skills and competencies to succeed and future proof their careers.
Daniela Proust, Head of Global Learning and Growth