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Career opportunities at Siemens

How can you prepare yourself perfectly for your interview? It's quite simple: Just take a look at Selina's application tips! In these nine short videos, she reveals helpful tips and tricks for your job interview. Just click through them and find out all about the "Do's & Don'ts" you need to bear in mind before and during your job interview. We wish you every success with your application!

Welcome to Selina's Application Tips!

With Selina's Application Tips, you will learn how to prepare perfectly for an interview at Siemens and which things you should pay attention to, and which you should avoid.

Online application? How does that work?

Find out how to send us an online application.

What should you do if you have technical issues? 

What if your technology suddenly stops working in the middle of your job interview? Watch this video and learn how to keep cool, even in difficult situations.

The four best tips before the interview

Selina gives you four helpful tips for the perfect set-up during your job interview. 

Preparation is everything! 

Want to know how you can best prepare for the interview and what we attach particular importance to? Then watch this video.

As cool as a cucumber

It's completely normal to feel nervous. In this video, Selina will show you how to best deal with it and stay calm.

Which outfit for your interview? 

How you dress is entirely up to you. In this video you can find tips for an impressive appearance.

What and how to tell? 

It doesn't take much to show your best side. Learn here how to make a good impression on us. 

This tip is valid for a lifetime! 

In this video, Selina reveals how to best present yourself in a job interview: Just be yourself.