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Specifically designed for educational institutions (research, development and non-commercial institutions that provide initial training) in the fields of automation and drive technology, we offer more than 100 didactically prepared learning and training documents – including projects – for download free of charge. Our learn- & training documents are perfectly matched to curricula and syllabuses and are optimally suited for use with our SCE trainer packages. They also take into account all aspects of a modern industrial solution: installation, configuration, programming, and commissioning. They are based on Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and blended learning concepts for conveying know-how on Industry 4.0. Pedagogics 3.0 concepts and learning as a service contribute to the high quality of our learn-/training documents. All documents can be individually matched to your requirements. Take advantage of our industrial know-how for the practice-oriented, efficient design of your courses.


The SCE learning & training documents are subdivided into autonomous modules for the various topics, which can be customized according to the reader's knowledge. You can download selected modules below.

Notes about usage

The learning & training documents introduce you to modern programming techniques for automation systems. They provide detailed information about the major aspects of an automation solution, from installation, programming, and commissioning to operation and monitoring, as well as networking via PROFIBUS and AS-Interface.


They explain how to operate, parameterize, and configure innovative automation systems and can be used as tools for hands-on instruction. The knowledge gained can be used and developed in practical exercises. The exercises are performed on a SIMATIC S7-300 programmable controller or the PC-based automation solution SIMATIC WinAC.

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