SCE Trainer Packages

Siemens Trainer Packages comprising genuine industry products with hardware and software

Cost-optimized configuration of industrial components

Our SCE Trainer Packages offer a specific combination of original industrial components which are perfectly matched to your requirements and can be conveniently used in your classes or training laboratory. These price-reduced bundles available exclusively to educational institutions include innovative hardware and software products. We currently offer more than 90 SCE Trainer Packages including all needed accessories. These cover both the factory and process automation sectors. You can use them to conduct the complete course contents on industrial automation at a very low cost. An added benefit is that the trainer packages and the learn-/training documents are integrated into the learning systems of our didactical partners.

SCE News on Trainer Packages


  • SIMATIC IOT2050 with SIMATIC IoT2050 Input/Output Module
  • SIMIT Simulation Platform with Dongle V10.3 includes SIMIT S-, CTE-, FLOWNET-, CONTEC-, libraries
  • SIMATIC Controller ET 200SP Open Controller CPU 1515SP PC2 TF with WinCC RT Advanced 512 PTs
  • SIMATIC Controller CPU 1517TF-3 PN/DP
  • SIMATIC Operator control and monitoring systems TP700/MTP1500 HMI Unified Comfort Panels
  • SIMATIC Process control system PCS 7 AS CPU 410E
  • PCS 7 Software licenses/Upgrade V9.1
  • SINAMICS Drive systems S210 servo drive with 1AC 200 - 240V or 3AC 380 - 480V
  • SIMATIC Industrial Identification systems MV540 S code reading systems

Important ordering notes for SCE Trainer Packages

The use of the Hardware and Software trainer packages is restricted to public and private vocational schools, technical high schools, Colleges and Universities, the promotion of Education or the in-house vocational training departments, and non-commercial research and non-commercial training institutions/entities. Furthermore the packages can be used for in-house vocational training departments and for further training measures in commercial companies/entities for the purpose of initial training.

To purchase a trainer package, you need to sign an additional agreement, which you can obtain from your regional sales office.

Order SCE Trainer Packages directly via Siemens Industry Mall.

SCE Trainer Packages at a glance

  • Basics of programming with the LOGO! logic module and for high-level languages with SIMATIC IOT2000
  • Engineering software (SIMATIC STEP 7/TIA Portal)
  • PLC engineering and Safety technology with SIMATIC S7 hardware ET 200SP, S7-1500, S7-1200
  • Operator control and monitoring with SIMATIC HMI, WinCC, KTP400, KTP 700, TP1500
  • Industrial networking with SIMATIC NET and industrial communication including security with SINEMA, SCALANCE
  • Sensor systems with Machine Vision, RFID and SIWAREX
  • Distributed IO with ET 200SP expansion modules
  • Industrial Controls with SIRIUS
  • Simulations with SIMIT SCE Simulation Framework
  • Process automation with SIMATIC PCS 7
  • Networked drive and motion technologies with SINAMICS/SIMOTION
  • CNC programming with SinuTrain