“Oxy-Hub” a new Urban Forest at Shendra

A new urban forest consists of 3200 native tree species flourishing at our Shendra Factory.
Siemens Shendra Factory in Aurangabad, India

A new Urban Forest

Siemens Shendra Factory located at Aurangabad, India, developed an Oxy-Hub by planting 3200 saplings on an area of around 1100 m2. The region is one of the drought prone areas in middle-western part of India.


The unique Japanese technique (called “Miyawaki”) of planting Multilayer saplings of more than 50 native tree species in groups which grow 10 times faster with the resulting plantation 30 times denser than traditional way of tree plantation.


The small forest on the Siemens Shendra Factory site speaks for itself. Within a year, saplings have grown into trees and provide a new home for numerous insects, birds, and reptiles. It helps restore degraded habitats in the city, has transformed the site with its greenery, and become a new local biodiversity hotspot. The Qxy-Hub is estimated to produce 283 tons of oxygen per year which suffices the need of oxygen for 4500 people per year.


The project was successfully executed by SRE team in coordination with Prayas Youth Foundation (a local NGO) during COVID-19 pandemic lockdown condition with limited resources as per local government’s permission.

The area before planting 

The area after planting