Eco Efficiency @ Siemens

Developing eco-efficient solutions to safeguard our sustainable growth

Decoupling natural resource use from the environmental impacts is one of the key levers to ensure sustainable business growth. But what does it mean?

A holistic approach to environmental protection is more important than ever. Eco Efficiency establishes a systematic framework to support the development of eco-efficient solutions and innovations for our customers and own operations. Resource decoupling happens when increasing resource productivity by reducing the rate of use of primary resources per unit of economic activity. This is achieved by using less material, energy, water and land resources for the same economic output.

Eco Efficiency @ Siemens is part of the companywide EHS program and the next evolutionary step towards more organizational resilience. It consists of two modules – Healthy & Safe @ Siemens and Eco Efficiency @ Siemens, – with both embedding EHS into the business and running until 2030.

Within the Eco Efficiency @ Siemens module, we cover three categories central to our holistic environmental approach.