Healthy and Safe @ Siemens

Promoting employee well-being and contributing to the organizational resilience of our company

Promoting employee well-being and fostering resilience is at the core of Health & Safety at Siemens. But what does this mean?

Well-being and resilience are a set of abilities and resources we acquire, develop, and maintain as individuals, as teams, and as a whole organization.
Resilience abilities support our people and our organization prepare for the unexpected, so that we can better respond and continuously adapt our work environment for optimizing employee health, well-being, and safety. By providing work environments that are safe, support continuous learning and driven by healthy leadership, our employees can fulfill their potential, innovate, and provide exceptional service to internal and external customers and stakeholders. 

Our company wide EHS Program is the driver for progressive EHS practice that contributes to a more resilient organization. The program consists of two modules – Healthy and Safe @ Siemens and Eco-Efficiency @ Siemens. Together, these modules work to embed EHS into all facets of our business.


Healthy and Safe @ Siemens focuses on four key impact areas: