Healthy and Safe @ Siemens

Maintaining sustainable performance and contributing to the organizational resilience of our company

Promote employee well-being and increasing resilience abilities has always been at the core of Health & Safety Management. But what does this mean?

Like with well-being itself, resilience is an intangible; a set of abilities and resources we acquire, develop and maintain as individuals, as an organization, as a whole. It is an outcome of work. Therefore, our focus is on work. Ensuring a great, psychologically safe work climate with H&S learning opportunities and with leaders supporting a positive working atmosphere is key for achieving a great outcome – in terms of innovation, quality, customer satisfaction – as well as Health and Safety. 

The companywide EHS program is the next evolutionary step towards more organizational resilience - it consists of two modules – Healthy & Safe @ Siemens and Eco Efficiency @ Siemens and embodies the vision of embedding EHS into the business. Within the Healthy & Safe @ Siemens module, we are covering four areas for well-being at work.