Healthy and Safe @ Siemens

Empowering people to contribute to health and safety in their daily work

Empowering people so that they can make a difference to health and safety across our operations, products and services is at the core of Healthy and Safe @ Siemens. But what does this mean?

How we work is evolving, so how we approach the health and safety of work must too.


Driven by continuous improvement, the rapidly changing world of work and the most basic act to continue to provide a healthy, safe, and productive work environment, it is time to prepare for the work environments of the future.


Our company wide EHS program is the driver for embedding EHS into the business and contributing to a more resilient organization. The program consists of two modules – Healthy and Safe @ Siemens and Eco-Efficiency @ Siemens.


Healthy and Safe @ Siemens is about empowering all our people to lead better, learn from each other, foster well-being and innovate the health and safety of work. Each person, with their own unique talents, individuality, skills, and expertise can make the difference in creating a healthy and safe workplace.


Healthy and Safe @ Siemens sets out a path where we can take on this journey together - as individuals, as teams and as an entire organization.

5 Core Principles are in the center of Healthy and Safe @ Siemens. They help to transform how we view and act on Health and Safety in our daily work.