Mental health at work

Mental Health matters

Mental health is a key prerequisite for the performance and commitment of our people. Measures to maintain, promote and restore mental health are therefore an important ethical and economic concern for Siemens.

0 in 4 people

are affected by a mental health issue
during their life.
(WHO 2013)

0 days per case

is the average sickness duration
for mental ill-health.
(BKK Gesundheitsreport 2018)

0 Billion Euro

or more than 4% of GDP total costs
of mental ill-health across the 28 EU countries.
(OECD, Health at a Glance: Europe 2018)

Mental health at work – openness instead of stigma

70% of people affected by a mental disorder will not get appropriate treatment due to fear of stigmatization. (Thornicroft G. Most people with mental illness are not treated. Lancet. 2007)
With the destigmatization campaign #BreakingTheSilence we want to encourage people to be open and constructive in dealing with mental health at work. The campaign addresses the core elements of stigma by

  • improving information and knowledge about mental health
  • supporting a positive change of attitude among all employees and managers
  • reducing discriminatory and promoting supportive behavior towards those affected

We use poster campaigns, train managers through a gamified e-learning and enable video-based encounters with those affected.