Health & Safety in a dynamic world of work 

Health & Safety is an outcome of work; created every day anew in everything we do. 

Transforming the Everyday

The world of work is dynamically changing, as are the demands and needs regarding Health and Safety. Adapting and re-designing our work systems is a continuous task requiring the involvement, engagement and participation of all our people. Our ambition is to maintain a work environment that supports personal growth and optimizes well-being. This ambition extends beyond the prevention of incidents and diseases. And transforms the everyday of our approach to Health and Safety: Based on reliable management systems, internal monitoring, and controls to mitigate health and safety risks effectively, Health and Safety management at Siemens aims to facilitate participation, support learning and guide adaptation.

Our progressive approach to Health & Safety does not only focus on preventing unintended events and outcomes, but rather determines “how work works best” to shape work environments that enable optimal well-being of our people. Therefore, we place close attention on the “work-as-done” i.e. the conditions, the design and set-up of work from a people experience perspective. 


The guiding principles of our approach to health, safety and well-being are: “People are the solution” and “A healthy and safe environment enables a healthy and safe behavior”. 

Areas of action for Health and Safety 

Adapting, shaping and influencing the work system to optimize well-being is at the core of the EHS Strategy 2020+ an the Healthy and Safe @ Siemens module of the companywide EHS program. Our approach to embed Health and Safety into operations anchors in four different areas of action: