Well-being in the New Normal

Putting the well-being of our people at the center: Health and safety underpin the transition to the new normal where balancing physical and mental well-being is more essential than ever.

Impacts on people well-being…

  • We will work in a dynamic environment with continuous change.
  • There is a shift from an established work environment to a diverse partially unknown one.
  • We have to consider the coexistence of traditional and new ways of working.

That’s why we want to …

  • Facilitate participation – we encourage our people to contribute to creating healthy and safe working conditions. We use existing instruments, e.g. the Psychosocial Risk Assessment to help shape a working environment where mental health is safeguarded.
  • Enable self-organization – to deal with the demands of the new normal in a healthy and safe manner. A broad portfolio of learning opportunities accompany our people and people leaders on their way in the new normal.