Healthy babies thanks to Healthy @ Siemens

Luan was born in March 2016, Eduardo in April. The two baby boys have more in common than just the fact that they were born at roughly the same time in Latin America's largest metropolis, São Paulo: Both their mothers work for Siemens and both received prenatal care from a medical team that treats Siemens employees.

Support during pregnancy

Luan's mother, Maira Isis Leonardi Santos, works in Quality at Siemens Brazil. "One of my best and most lasting experiences with the Siemens health program was all the care and support they gave me during pregnancy," the new mama raves.

Help where it is needed

"To know, at any given moment, that you can turn to specialists at the company who will also accompany you during birth, is indescribable."


Eduardo's father, Fernando Freu, who works in information technology, finds similar words. He and his wife, Luciana – both Siemens employees – met at the company. When they were told that Luciana was an at-risk mother, they braced for a worrying time ahead. Fernando remembers, "Luciana had suffered a thrombosis a few years before, and it was clear from the start that she would need extra care during her pregnancy."

To know, at any given moment, that you can turn to specialists at the company who will also accompany you during birth, is indescribable.
Maira Isis Leonardi Santos, São Paulo, Siemens employee

Special care for Siemens employees

Dr. Renata Scarabichi treats Siemens patients 3 days a week. She is the maternal caregiver and gynecologist who looked after Mairas and Luciana during their pregnancies.

The presence of a female doctor from this medical field opens an opportunity for Siemens employees to receive care regularly, even if it is not during pregnancy. That is the case for Fernand Marquardt of Siemens Healthineers. "For years, I had regular check-ups with Dr. Scarabichi. It is not only very practical, there also is the quality of the service offered by the company's very own medical practice. This is a strong competitive advantage for the company," says Fernanda.

Far away from the Zika virus

What the two new mothers, Maira and Luciana, also have in common are the concerns they share over the Zika epidemic and microencephaly in unborn babies. Obtaining medical advice was particularly important for both. "I followed my doctor’s the instructions and regularly used insect spray and avoided crowded living quarters where mosquitoes have their breeding sites," says Maira. Fernando, too, remembers the precautions his wife Luciana took to reduce the risk of infection.

Very aware of the risks, Health management at Siemens organized live-meeting lectures to reach employees in the north-east of Brazil, the region with the highest number of reported Zika infections. With one source of stress less thanks to the medical care they received at the company, Maira and Luciana were able to enjoy their pregnancy, not least because they were cared for over the entire time. The result: Luan and Eduardo came into the world healthy – and without being exposed to the dangers of the Zika virus.

Healthy @ Siemens

The global program Healthy @ Siemens aims to align the company's health activities with the requirements of today's working environments.

The Healthy @ Siemens label: a quality seal

Healthy @ Siemens is based on a planned process and provides countries with suitable instruments to implement local requirements in health management.

An important element of the program is the Healthy @ Siemens label. This internal quality seal for sustainable health management will be used to certify all our lead countries worldwide by 2019. Siemens awarded the label to Brazil in 2015.