Applying a safety culture at project sites

In a fresh approach to Zero Harm Culture, Siemens is enabling workers to experience the value of safety measures first hand. With modular mobile site safety parks in front of construction sites that recreate real-world scenarios, Siemens offers workers safety training that turns hands-on exercises into an enjoyable – and memorable – experience.
Our goal

Ensuring the safety of each and every worker – everywhere – under all circumstances

As a global supplier of power plant technology, Siemens realizes projects for customers all over the world. Each project location comes with a unique set of challenges, from differing levels of experience in the local workforce to operations in extreme climates or remote locations. With hundreds of international projects under its belt, Siemens knows that, irrelevant of the situation on the ground, the health and safety of its people is crucial to project success. A low number of accidents is a key figure in measuring the success of such efforts.

The megaproject in Egypt and Siemens' commitment ensuring occupational safety

Siemens' commitment to ensuring everyone has a safe working environment at all times is fueled by one central idea: We want everybody to return to their family and friends as healthy as they were when they started their day. This naturally includes those working for the Siemens megaprojects such as the current one in Egypt. Once completed, the three power plants in Beni Suef, New Capital and Burullus, employing an average of over 20,000 people across sites, will boost Egypt's power generation capacity by 45%.


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The challenges

Learning about people to find out what they need

One challenge for a project this size is hiring the right people – and in this case, huge numbers of them. Once the workforce was secured, Siemens safety experts stepped in to analyze the specific skills employees would need to complete their tasks both safely and successfully. The exploration of training needs revealed the gaps that would need to be closed. What may sound easy on paper came with major challenges in reality that made upskilling in matters of safety quite tough.
The solution

Conquering cultural barriers with visual communication and practical training

At the heart of the safety strategy in Egypt, however, lies a novel approach that leverages visual communication and physical experience: the training program for site workers combines mobile site safety parks and the visual reinvention of manuals, guidelines and training materials.

Mobile, modular and tailored to workers' needs

The mobile site safety parks follow a modular structure of practice models. They are selected to reflect the real-world situations specific to the construction site shown by incident statistics. The workers gain physical experience which supports the training in theory. Participation the practical training is mandatory for everybody working at the site.  And, once construction is completed, the safety training parks are disassembled and move to where they are needed next.

Siemens is the first and only player to leverage mobile site safety parks

After just three months of analysis and planning, Siemens set up site safety training parks at all three of its construction sites in Egypt. Since opening in August 2016, each park has trained around 20,000 workers both as part of their induction program and as a form of continued education. In small groups of 20, workers experience – and learn to safely handle – potentially hazardous situations. The keys to successfully retaining what they have learned are sensory experience and muscle memory. When they move on from the Siemens sites in Egypt, local workers are armed with sound safety training and job experience, both of which improve their employability for other projects.


Siemens has set a milestone in health and safety performance: As of May 2018, the Burullus project in Egypt had achieved 45,000,000 working hours without lost-time incidents and over 50,000 workers had been trained at Siemens site safety parks.

Creating safe environments to learn and practice

Sharing knowledge through visual communication

Our key takeaways

An EHS flagship project

We have created a unique safety solution in Egypt

After the success of the safety approach developed for the sites in Burullus, New Capital and Beni Suef in preventing lost-time incidents, Siemens is now planning to adopt it as a blueprint for other construction sites worldwide.