"Carbon Reduction @ Suppliers"

We consider Climate Change not just as a global trend. We underline the need for business to lead by example and contribute to decarbonization of economy.
Learn more about our "Carbon Reduction @ Suppliers" approach and CWA - Carbon Web Assessment.

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Set with us the right strategic direction in climate change

"Carbon Reduction @ Suppliers" at a glance

"Carbon Reduction @ Suppliers" is designed to support our suppliers in their target setting and action plans for reducing their climate footprints. We started to publish a set of videos to show our carbon reduction path into the future. The first video gives you a short overview of our intentions and plans for future cooperation with our suppliers. The second video explains our "Carbon Reduction @ Suppliers" approach using the "Carbon Web Assessment" (CWA).

"Carbon Reduction @ Suppliers" is designed to support our suppliers in their target setting and action plans for reducing their climate footprints. 

Decarbonization will be a key element of the future partnership between Siemens and its suppliers. So we started to publish a set of videos to demonstrate our carbon reduction path into the future.


Our first video shows intentions and plans for future collaboration with our suppliers.

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“Carbon Web Assessment” (CWA) - Carbon Reduction is possible even in large supply chains but can also be used by small- and medium-sized businesses.

Siemens developed the CWA in order to enable our suppliers learning about their own carbon emissions. In a second step, it also provides detailed possibilities to reduce them. The CWA will be the base for our carbon reduction activities in the supply chain for the next years to come.


Our second video is about the "Carbon Reduction @ Suppliers” approach by using the CWA.

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“Carbon Web Assessment” (CWA) - Our guide for using the CWA shows how Suppliers can identify their current carbon footprint and to reduce it by setting targets.

Cooperative efforts between Siemens and Suppliers are essential in the integration of Carbon Reduction Approaches. The CWA allows suppliers to assess their current carbon footprints and understand which targets would prove most efficient in reducing their carbon output.


In this video, we explain our approach to integrating our suppliers in our journey of reducing carbon emissions in our supply chain. We explain in three steps how to access the CWA from the introductory email and also describe the learning process. A demonstration shows in the third step how to combine the primary data of current carbon emissions and the targets planned to reduce them.

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Path to net zero – “Carbon Web Assessment” (CWA) adds a new feature for in-time calculation of individual carbon dioxide reduction measures.

The new CO2-reduction feature in our CWA will ensure that Siemens can see our suppliers’ efforts “live” and will integrate them into our sourcing decision. But, maybe more importantly, this new feature will enable our suppliers to define their individual path to a net zero production by defining their specific CO2-reduction measures over the next years.

In this video, we explain how our suppliers receive the CWA and how they might use it to define their individual CO2-reduction measures. We show in easy steps how the new feature calculates them in real-time and how it can be used as a target-setting over the next years.

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Guide to Carbon Reduction Management

As support material for suppliers and other interested, we offer that guide, showing possibilities of carbon reduction.

Für Lieferanten und andere Interessierte bieten wir diesen Leitfaden an, der Möglichkeiten der CO2 Reduzierung aufzeigt.

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Siemens Supply Chain Management has been active developing the “Carbon Reduction @ Suppliers” approach in recent years. Please see our efforts in the time-line.

1. Gaining Transparency 

In 2018 and 2019, Siemens SCM conducted information surveys to more than 10,000 suppliers to gain transparency over our suppliers‘ CO2 reduction plans and actions and their willingness to cooperate in joint efforts on this topic. We also managed to developed an economic model with an external service provider to calculate the CO2 footprint of all products and services delivered by our suppliers.  


2. From calculated Transparency to Primary Data provided by the suppliers​

This step was followed by development of the “Carbon Reduction@Suppliers” approach. We designed a “Carbon Web-Assessment” (CWA) which is combined with our CO2 calculation tool. During the first pilot in April 2020, selected buyers approached pilot suppliers for a primary data information.​ The vast majority showed positive results and very promising CO2 reduction actions which they had already implemented.

3. Way forward in sourcing decision

In fiscal year 2021, Siemens SCM will begin to roll out our ‘Carbon Reduction@Suppliers‘ initiative with some thousand suppliers to be contacted. Our aim is to receive as many responses via CWA as possible to replace the calculated CO2 footprints with real data provided by our suppliers. This data will be the basis of future individual CO2 reduction plans. We strive to be as informative and transparent as possible. A series of videos will accompany our program with information on the tools and how to provide the necessary data, as well as learning content for CO2 reduction.