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Immerse yourself in the unique combination of the real and digital worlds

Discover what makes a true Digital Enterprise in our showrooms for digitization and automation technologies at 36 sites around the world: In virtual and real tours, visitors to the Digital Enterprise Experience Centers experience the combination of the real and the digital worlds at first hand at several stations.


Many practical examples await in the showrooms, making all the benefits of digital transformation tangible and providing real understanding with lots of in-depth information. The Digital Enterprise Experience Centers offer different focal points on exciting topics such as Digital Twins, 5G, artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, edge and cloud computing, blockchain or augmented reality.

Everybody is talking about Industry 4.0, BUT in our Digital Enterprise Experience Centers, you can experience what it really means. Our unique combination of automation and software is running live in interactive exhibits, showing real data from real machines! This is how we bring Industry 4.0 to life for you.
Scot Gardner, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing Siemens Digital Industries

Explore the Digital Enterprise first-hand: Digital Native Factory in Nanjing, China
Digital Native Factory | Nanjing, China

Immerse yourself in a true Digital Enterprise

Experience first-hand the unique combination of the real and digital worlds: The Digital Native Factory in Nanjing, China, uses live data from the ongoing production in the digital factory in order to show the benefits of the Digital Enterprise concept to our customers.

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Use the interactive world map to find one of our Digital Enterprise Experience Centers. You can select from among various categories that address specific topics relating to the Digital Enterprise and the digital transformation.

Endless opportunities to learn about the Digital Enterprise

Our Digital Enterprise Experience Centers are all about the benefits of digital transformation for the discrete and process industries, as well as for machine and plant builders. Here you can experience how we combine the real and the digital world with the Digital Enterprise in order to collect, understand and use the huge amounts of generated data in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).


This is made possible with the comprehensive approach of the Digital Twin. This allows the entire product lifecycle to be integrated with the factory or plant lifecycle and performance data. The result is a continuous optimization cycle for product and production. Or in short: Infinite opportunities from infinite data.

Experience digitalization up close

Whether you’re interested in the interactions between hardware and software, want to learn about the possible applications of our comprehensive Digital Twin, or are interested in artificial intelligence and cloud computing: You will find what you are looking for in the virtual and real showrooms as part of a personalized tour.


It is particularly important to us that the digital transformation can be experienced with many practical examples, which is especially possible in our own production plants.


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