How digitalization helps SKF to stay one step ahead of the competition

SKF and Siemens jointly developed and implemented a digitalization strategy for the world’s largest bearing manufacturer
About SKF

Reliable rotation from Sweden

The Swedish company SKF is producing bearings, seals and lubrication systems for industries ranging from transportation to water treatment and the food industry.

The digital transformation of SKF

Founded in 1907, SKF is the largest bearing manufacturer in the world. Today, the company produces high-precision parts for a wide range of industries in nearly 100 factories around the globe. SKF, headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, has recognized digitalization as a major lever for increasing competitiveness, and has embarked on the digital journey together with Siemens.


A jointly developed digitalization roadmap is now being implemented step by step. This improves connectivity and transparency, enables traceability, and the development of new business models by using Siemens technology. In a true co-creation process, SKF and Siemens are continuously combining the real and digital worlds in SKF’s factories to use fewer resources, increase flexibility, and improve quality and efficiency.

It’s a continuous fight to be the most relevant supplier to your customers.
Kent Viitanen, President Bearing Operations, SKF
The digitalization journey

Step by step to becoming a Digital Enterprise

Experience SKF’s president Kent Viitanen as he takes you through the digital transformation of SKF and discusses the challenges and benefits the company has faced along the way.

Co-creation as a driver on the digitalization journey

SKF began its digital transformation with the clear goal of creating value with every step on the digital journey.

Increased transparency across the entire lifecycle

Making the right decisions at the right time requires a solid, up to date foundation based on data. SKF implemented vertical integration that connects the shop floor and the top floor to provide valuable insights to the entire company.

Value creation through digital transformation

Higher quality, greater efficiency, and new improved services for the customers are some of the key benefits SKF has derived from their digital transformation.

Siemens helped SKF digitalize its operations at the Airasca site in Italy, where wheel-end bearings are manufactured.
Siemens stories

Digital transformation in the bearing industry

SKF’s bearing factory in Airasca, Italy, embarked on a digital transformation in partnership with Siemens. Now, they want to apply their learnings and success to more locations.

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