The fusion of IT and OT

Thanks to the fusion of IT and OT, you can tap the full potential of the Industrial Internet of Things

Tap the full potential of IT-OT convergence with the Industrial Internet of Things

IT-OT convergence means combining the real world of automation with the digital world of information technology – as seamlessly and completely as possible. Breaking up information silos by combining IT and OT helps companies significantly boost their performance, productivity, flexibility, and sustainability.

At a glance

The combination of IT with OT enables secure, data-supported decisions

Combining information technology (IT) with operational technology (OT) enables industrial enterprises to meaningfully use the data generated within the company. The company-wide evaluation of such data enhances transparency and enables you to make secure, data-supported decisions. It lets you continuously improve your processes, products, and production and restore the product usage data for the purpose of further optimization. This enhances sustainability in all stages, from the creation of products to their usage and further development.

Moving toward the complete fusion of IT and OT step by step

With MindSphere, an IIoT-as-a-service solution, Siemens created the right conditions at an early stage for using the Internet of Things in industrial applications. The introduction of Industrial Edge, which is based on edge computing, made it possible to collect and analyze data directly in the machines. And the low-code platform Mendix gives enterprises an easy way to develop custom apps.


Thanks to the unique combination of these three solutions, enterprises can move closer to the actual goal of IT-OT convergence – the complete fusion of shop floor and top floor in the Industrial Internet of Things – step by step. The smooth flow of data between these two poles is what makes this fusion possible, enabling you to completely utilize all the associated advantages. This is what makes this solution from Siemens so unique.

Use the tangible advantages from the fusion of IT and OT


IT-OT solutions, tested and proven in everyday industrial use

For successful IT-OT fusion, both the OT area and the IT area each need specific solutions that are both completely integrated and together create something entirely new: the data-driven, self-optimizing, and autonomous production of a true digital enterprise. The strength of our Siemens portfolio is proven every day in our own factories.
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By industry, for industry

For us at Siemens, it’s not a question of whether IT technology is integrated in production. Or whether OT is linked with IT. Regardless of the approach you are pursuing, we focus on the benefits of IT-OT convergence – the added value for you. As a manufacturer with the largest installed hardware base and as one of the ten largest software companies, we’re experts in automation and digitalization. And we offer you services so that together, we can develop the right strategy for implementing IIoT in your company and helping you continuously optimize your entire operation.

We’re IT specialists with automation expertise

To help them achieve the successful fusion of IT and OT, industrial enterprises need a partner who knows the world of automation, digitalization, and production from its own many years of experience. And who also understands the demands of the IT world and can meet these demands with a complete portfolio of software and services. To help you achieve IT-OT convergence, Siemens offers a unique portfolio of edge computing and cloud computing, everything as a service, and analysis and visualization tools. We’ve successfully employed our own solutions in our own factories for many years. And we’re working on an eco-system composed of customers, partners, and developers to raise IT-OT convergence to the next level. In other words, we’re bringing together what belongs together.

Practical examples

Experience IT-OT convergence in real-life applications

In so many industrial enterprises, the fusion of IT and OT is not an abstract theory, but actual reality. The examples that follow clearly illustrate the tangible benefits of effective data exploitation.

Analyzing the performance data of machines from different manufacturers

The Italian chewing gum and candy manufacturer Perfetti Van Melle needed maximum transparency in order to respond quickly to changing customer preferences. This was quite a challenge considering the many different machine manufacturers and built-in components. Thanks to the powerful plug-and-play connectivity of Industrial Edge, however, the company was able to quickly link its shop floor equipment with its ERP and IT systems. As a result, the management now always knows the status of its machines and production lines from the visualized data. And it can also easily retrieve energy consumption data and maintenance conditions, for example. Perfetti Van Melle uses its own open source-based apps and off-the-shelf edge computing apps from Siemens to achieve this outcome.


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Better service thanks to its own edge computing app

For component manufacturer Schmalz, Industrial Edge offers the chance to develop its own service offering with the aim of more satisfied customers thanks to the higher productivity of Schmalz machines. Schmalz’s customers can retrieve analyses of their machine data from Schmalz locally by way of an HMI or an edge computing app developed by Schmalz itself. In order to implement its specific requirements, component manufacturer Schmalz developed two custom apps. It makes one of them available to plant operators, who attain greater transparency regarding the performance of the machines in their plants. Schmalz uses the other one itself to offer better services to its customers.


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