Modular production with Module Type Package (MTP) 

Welcome to the age of modular production based on NAMUR NE 148. Adapt your plant fast and efficiently to new processes and demands.
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Modular production – highest flexibility with maximum standardization

Plug & Produce

Do you want to adapt your plant quickly and easily to new production processes and fluctuations in demand? And stop investing weeks of time in integrating package units? If so, we recommend modular production with Module Type Package (MTP) based on NAMUR recommendation NE 148. On this page, you get insights from pioneers of the modular concept and how you could benefit from it as machine/plant builder or plant operator.
Modular Production

Application scenarios

Fast MTP-based modular plant expansion with COMOS, TIA Portal, SIMIT

The module/plant builder (OEM) supplies a pre-tested, automated and executable module to the plant operator which ensures a faster commissioning and error free start-up at customer site.

Plug & Produce with MTP - enabled by modular automation (TIA Portal) and plant orchestration (SIMATIC PCS neo)

MTP packages with the integrated process pictures are imported and orchestrated into the overarching process control system. Uniform operation of standard and modular automated process unit.

Consistent portfolio development

Pilot projects

Successful collaboration

Merck KGaA and Siemens are in complete agreement: Modularization is the answer to Industrie 4.0. Together, they’re pioneering this idea in the Siemens Smart Automation test lab in Karlsruhe, Germany. By working together with the plant and machine manufacturer GEA, we intend to turn MTP into the industry standard for machine platform communication.
Our response to Industrie 4.0 is modularization.
Christian Schäfer – Head of the Automation Technology team at Merck KGaA
In the future, it will be even more important for us on the industry side to agree on standards for how machines communicate with one another. This is a key requirement for speedily advancing the Industrie 4.0 concept.
Matthias Wiemann – Head of Automation and Controls for GEA separators

New panel discussion: Modular production - highest flexibility with maximum standardization

What does modular production mean and what is the role of Module Type Package (MTP)? How to convert an existing plant to a module-based production plant? What is the impact of standardization on the life cycle? Watch the recording to learn how you can achieve the highest flexibility with maximum standardization.


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