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Digital twin

The digital transformation as a success factor in the process industry

The opportunities offered by a successful digital transformation are tremendous, opening up the path toward crucial improvements throughout your plant lifecycle. A precondition is to integrate hardware and software controls in the production chain, making it possible to gather, process, and analyze data automatically. Our portfolio offers everything you need to efficiently record and intelligently leverage the huge quantity of data that processes generate. This is a basic prerequisite for creating a digital twin.
Discover how Chinese company Cathay has implemented the digital transformation.


Benefits throughout the entire plant lifecycle

Real added value thanks to the digital plant

The digital twin is the virtual representation of a real system. It lets you represent and optimize the entire plant lifecycle.

The digital twin in engineering 

Right from the engineering stage, all the disciplines involved in a plant project can generate a shared data model – the digital twin, saving valuable time and expenses and at the same time increasing engineering quality. The digital twin also allows the plant to be simulated prior to the critical commissioning phase, which ensures a reliable implementation. The operators can also receive targeted training before the system is commissioned. 

The digital twin in operation

You stay informed of current plant status at all times while the plant is in operation. And you can significantly increase the reliability and availability of your plant by continuously monitoring your mechanical assets. 

The digital twin in maintenance

You can plan your servicing and maintenance activities in advance, which keeps unscheduled plant downtimes to a minimum. Changes to the plant created by maintenance activities or a component replacement are directly incorporated in the digital twin. All the documents and plans affected are also automatically updated so that the latest plant documentation is available at all times.

Cathay Industrial Biotech Ltd.

Jerseys made of corn

The idea of having a football jersey made out of corn not only lights up children’s eyes. Watch the story of a young boy in the Chinese city of Wusu, who says biomass can also be used to make sneakers and schoolbags. And how the digital factory of Cathay Industrial Biotech Ltd. made this dream come true. Our products and services covering all aspects of the digital factory played an important part.

Everything from a single source

Our integrated range of hardware, software, and services can help turn your digital plant into reality. Benefit from being able to make smaller and smaller batches economically, from the smart planning of maintenance activities, and from minimizing downtimes.

Digitalization in the various sectors

What still counts as a vision today? What has already become reality? Find out how the sectors in the process industry are benefiting from the digital transformation. And the resulting opportunities for all of us in our daily life.

Smart apps for maximum data transparency

State-of-the-art automation technology can generate vast quantities of data from production processes. But sophisticated evaluation tools are needed to turn this data into transparent information that will allow your company to exploit the full potential of digitalization. The following apps illustrate what’s possible.

Companies are transforming into Digital Enterprises

Discover how companies in the process industry are already benefiting from our hardware and software portfolio.
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Digitalization in industry offers huge potential. And there is a constant stream of new, innovative developments. We’ll keep you up to date with the most important as they happen.

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The faster way to a successful digital transformation: The experts from our Digitalization Consulting team are happy to help!