Good for the economy, for people, and for the climate

To achieve a sustainable reduction in CO₂ emissions, we must make better use of resources, including – and above all – in industry. The goal: lower CO₂ emissions, higher productivity.

Energy-efficient production

Optimizing energy consumption, reducing CO₂ emissions

Energy-efficient production: Optimizing energy consumption, reducing CO₂ emissions

If you use energy efficiently in your production processes, you are not only helping to meet climate targets and reduce your carbon footprint – you are also saving money. Find out about our solutions for energy-efficient production in various industry sectors and about the relevant regulations, standards, and funding opportunities – so that energy efficiency contributes to your success.

Performance management

Optimizing plants, increasing productivity

Performance management in production

Raise your productivity; use your resources more efficiently; and avoid downtime, waste, and unnecessary consumption. With our solutions for performance management you can optimize your plants.

The climate protection challenge

The time has come to act.

The earth is in imminent danger of passing critical turning points for its life support systems. Nevertheless, we still have a chance to keep global warming in check – if we all, industry included, make our contribution.

Less CO₂, greater sustainability: reduce your carbon footprint.

In order to halt global warming, scientists say, greenhouse gas emissions must not exceed their peak in 2020 and must then be drastically reduced. How can we achieve this? One answer lies in greater efficiency. The industry consumes worldwide almost 37% of secondary energy; it can therefore make an important contribution to meeting climate targets – through the efficient and productive use of energy. The digital enterprise offers completely new possibilities for optimizing resources and energy efficiency. Siemens Energy & Performance Management shows you how you can reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in your production processes without compromising your productivity. The future belongs to us all.

Our solutions

Using energy efficiently and productively

With our solutions for energy and performance management in industry, you can analyze your processes precisely, identify any weak points, and optimize your processes. This enables you to make optimum use of your resources – for greater productivity, less waste, and lower CO₂ emissions.


Around the globe, our customers are benefiting from significant energy savings thanks to our pioneering products and solutions and the support of our qualified experts.