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Solutions for higher energy efficiency – in diverse applications. Diminishing resources, rising energy costs, and stricter environmental regulations make energy-efficient production processes a decisive factor in competition. To achieve the highest level of energy efficiency, you need the best products, systems, and solutions. Cover the entire energy management process with our unique offering of energy-saving products – you can find a custom-made energy-efficient solution for every application.
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A unique offering for greater productivity

Save money and boost significantly the energy efficiency of your production facilities:  we offer you a comprehensive portfolio of energy-efficient solutions from digitalization solutions to drive and automation technology to energy-saving services.
Learn how you can tap the potential of digitalization and automation with intelligent financing methods.

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Digitalization solutions

Energy and process transparency

Energy-efficient plant operation requires transparent energy flows and production processes – we can support you with a variety of digitalization solutions.
Drive and automation technology

Products for every application

Discover our comprehensive offering of energy-efficient drive and automation technology.

Our support – your benefits

Take advantage of our energy experts’ knowledge to identify hidden savings potential without unnecessarily tying up time and resources

ARC study at Siemens’ Amberg factory

Read the free ARC study and find out how efficient energy management can quickly result in long-term savings.


Energy-efficient production as a competitive advantage

  We help companies all over the world make their production more energy efficient – from machine-building and automotive to food industry.


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