e-ing3ni@ Platform

blockchain energia

First trading platform of energy through blockchain 

You got the power! Choose the origin of energy that fits with your requirements. Consume the electricity you want in one click. 

What is e-ing3ni@?

e-ing3ni@ is a blockchain platform for buying and selling energy. It’s aimed to empower final consumers within energy market and to put at their disposal different purchase options. With this objective, the user has the capacity to choose the type of energy that will consume, and reserve it through the platform. This system also stands out for the transparency and traceability of the energy offered. 

Advantages of choosing the energy source for your home through blockchain

You are the new energy!

e-ing3ni@ is an energy trading platform that works through blockchain. Due to it, the different agents (producer, consumer and energy retailer) are able to:

-          Manage their master data

-          Operate the purchase and sale of energy

-          Access reports to know the operation’s results

-          Integrate their ERP systems to settle their customer’s concepts

Who is e-ing3ni@ platform for? 

Looking for more information about e-ing3ni@? 

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