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FT-Siemens future cities briefing

FT-Siemens future cities briefing: Los Angeles

At this FT-Siemens Future Cities Briefing: Los Angeles an exclusive gathering of policy-makers, innovators and investors will engage in expert analysis and discussion on how the strengthening of the city’s resilience and greening of the economy can be realized. What steps are being taken to fortify critical infrastructure? What will it cost? And what will it take to get there? Which solutions can foster agility and speed up the transition to a more prosperous, safe and equitable future?

Expo 2020 Dubai

Creating a blueprint for future smart cities at Expo 2020 Dubai

The history of the world’s fairs mirrors the development of industrial-technological civilization, and Siemens has been participating in these exhibitions of superlatives since the first in 1851.


At Expo 2020 Dubai, Siemens is reshaping the future of urban living by creating a blueprint for future smart cities at the Expo site by integrating Siemens technologies across 137 buildings of Expo and making it history’s most digitalized, sustainable and secure Expo.


The partnership will go beyond Expo 2020 Dubai as Siemens will also support Expo 2020 Dubai’s legacy strategy by making use of the buildings as their new home for its Dubai operations.

Siemens has a long history in Expo partnerships and we are delighted to be the Premier Partner for Infrastructure Digitalization, leveraging our open IoT operating system MindSphere for Expo 2020 Dubai and beyond.
Joe Kaeser, President and Chief Executive Officer of Siemens AG

Expo 2020 Dubai: A Sustainable Site

With global population on the move towards urbanization; how can mega-cities of tomorrow provide essential services such as clean water and adequate waste removal? And how can they create a transportation and building infrastructure that reduces the emission of pollutants into the air while taking in so many new residents? 



Transforming tomorrow's smart cities

We have captured where six global cities stand today; and how they can realize their potential focusing on Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunity. Discover practical ways to help your city improve the quality of urban living. 



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