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MindSphere is the leading industrial IoT as a service solution. Using advanced analytics and AI, MindSphere powers IoT solutions from the edge to the cloud – with data from connected products, plants and systems – to optimize operations, create better quality products and deploy new business models. Built on the Mendix application platform, MindSphere empowers customers, partners and the Siemens organization to quickly build and integrate personalized IoT applications.

Connecting Expo 2020 Dubai to the Internet of Things

A new cloud-based app which supports Expo 2020 Dubai in becoming a blueprint for future smart cities is being developed by Siemens, and has already connected part of the site’s infrastructure to the Internet of Things.

The app is designed to digitally optimize Expo 2020 Dubai, enhancing the visitor experience and reducing energy and water use. Initially operating across two domains – environmental monitoring and irrigation – the app will collect, monitor, correlate and analyze data from the site, and visualize it to allow real-time monitoring and control of infrastructure from static and mobile devices.


The new app will grow with the Expo 2020 Dubai site, incorporating the ability to make use of machine learning and artificial intelligence and demonstrating the potential to connect an entire city to the Internet of Things with MindSphere.


The Expo is expected to attract 25 million visits over six months, and the Siemens solutions will connect, monitor and control more than 130 buildings, supporting Expo 2020 Dubai’s targets for energy efficiency, visitor comfort, safety and security.

MindSphere at a Glance

MindSphere - Connecting the things that run the world

Industrial decision-makers increasingly have to face several challenges: more competition, customers demanding individualized products, shortening development times and fast-changing technologies.

To overcome these challenges, you need a trusted partner and expert with broad domain knowledge. Siemens MindSphere provides you with the required transparency and data-driven insights needed to make the right decisions and strengthen your digitalization strategy.


As the trusted partner for the industrial world, Siemens MindSphere enables you to drive your business success by understanding the things that matter. You need to connect all of your machines and aggregate the relevant data into one system so you can perform concise and powerful analysis, optimize your processes, reduce costs, and accelerate your time to market.


With the help of a strong and secure IoT solution that offers scalability, global IoT connectivity, and an easy application deployment process, you can make reasoned decisions. With MindSphere being built on Mendix, you can quickly create custom, low-code applications to accelerate the time-to-value for your industry investments. 

What's more: With the numerous applications, services, and closed-loop digital twin capabilities of Mindsphere, you are able to reduce costs and accelerate your time to market by connecting your assets and harnessing the wealth of your data.


Stay competitive with MindSphere!


For more detailed information on development capabilities, visit mindsphere.io!

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MindSphere - together with Mendix and Industrial Edge - is part of Siemens Industrial IoT!

Benefit from the unlimited possibilities of IIoT:

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At Siemens, our mission is to support your strategy:

Conquer your market through the perfect integration of data and digitalization. Our IIoT solutions deliver the speed, scalability and versatility you need to succeed.





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Experience Solutions built on MindSphere

Starting as a customer to work with MindSphere means joining a life cycle – usually joint solutions undergo a series of transformations as they develop through a number of stages, from discovery and ideation to implementation and finally testing phases which end with success.


Not only successfully implemented solutions can inspire others, so can ideas or first concepts. That’s why you can browse in our solution catalogue through customer use cases, which have a lower level of development, and customer success stories, which are already advanced in their development.

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