What do Siemens and FC Bayern have in common? Both are world-famous Munich brands, internationally renowned for top performance and quality – and share common values.
Siemens and FC Bayern


As a technology leader, we’re supporting FC Bayern on its path toward digital transformation. With our hardware and software offerings, automation solutions, digital services, and industry knowledge, we’re helping the championship record holder become a pioneer in digitalization and sustainability – on and off the field as well as on the virtual field and the gaming console.


What do million FC Bayern fans worldwide have in common with the operators of advanced power stations, transportation infrastructure, high-tech factories, and high-speed trains? They all benefit from our continuous quest for improved performance and sustainability. FC Bayern rewards its fans’ loyalty with unforgettable game experiences. And Siemens is playing a role in this.


As FC Bayern’s official performance partner, we’re supporting the club in providing extraordinary fan experiences in all disciplines, delighting people above and beyond the actual game. Improving performance, creating new added value, ​​and exceeding expectations in terms of the possibilities offered by digitalization – #TransformTheEveryday.


Working mainly quietly and behind the scenes, our solutions ensure:

Siemens is accompanying FC Bayern on its journey toward becoming a sustainable enterprise. Our aim is to provide intelligent energy storage and energy management systems for the Allianz Arena and the team’s training site on Saebener Strasse. These technologies help FC Bayern Munich to work more energy-efficiently and position itself at the front of the pack in terms of sustainability.

#SiemensxFCB goes #Overcome

#Overcome is our new, innovative content format, focusing on inspiring athletes and role models within the FC Bayern München family. They all have one thing in common: They faced challenges that made them even stronger.

Always up to date

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Optimizing the game experience

Stress-free travel to and from the stadium

Football teams and their stadiums are regional hubs. Everyone wants to have game days that are as smooth as possible. Every home game attracts tens of thousands of fans. Some travel hundreds of kilometers to see their clubs play and to cheer them on.

Trains, metros, and trams from Siemens help visitors get to and from the game quickly and safely. Siemens traffic management systems regulate the flow of traffic on the roads leading to the stadiums. This makes travel less stressful for fans, and ensures less impact on surrounding neighborhoods. Digital solutions forecast the traffic volume and adjust traffic signals to manage the flow of traffic into the parking areas – and out again when the game is over.

Innovative technology on the sidelines

Creating unforgettable moments for millions of fans

Fans expect magical moments – with the highest level of convenience, excellent digital connectivity, and first-class customer service. We are enhancing the stadium technology, enabling FC Bayern to deliver the ultimate fan experience.

Bringing out the best

As global market leader in digital factory automation and simulation solutions, Siemens collaborates with many manufacturers in the sports industry. We help them respond more quickly, transparently, and individually to their customers’ needs. That way, they can more quickly manufacture products that are tailored precisely to the individual needs of professionals.