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Industry is facing major challenges like the need for more flexible production combined with continued high efficiency, shorter and shorter cycles of innovation, and avoiding downtime. At the same time, production has to be as sustainable as possible. We accept these challenges and are providing new ideas and inspiration: At the Visitor Center THE IMPULSE in Amberg, we illustrate some approaches that help meet these requirements. It’s a place for exploration and discovery. A place where challenges turn into opportunities and the future is part of the daily routine. Take a journey with us and feel the heartbeat of future automation.
Welcome and check in

Get – and create – new ideas and inspiration: At THE IMPULSE, the Siemens Visitor Center in Amberg, we’ll take you on a guided tour through the world of future automation.

Smart Building Solutions

Go on your own voyage of discovery. Learn more about our Smart Building Solutions: like the Energy Configurator, for example. In just two minutes, it will calculate potential energy savings and both cost and carbon reduction in your buildings and plants.


Back at home base, you will get a short introduction to the topics and an overview of what exciting things await you on your journey.

Gallery of future technologies

Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Edge and Cloud Computing, Autonomous Systems, Blockchain: Our Gallery of Future Technologies presents the most exciting and relevant developments worldwide. These technologies are crucial for advancing the autonomous factory.

Concepts for the autonomous factory

Developed by people for people: Concepts for the autonomous factory help ensure that people working in the factory can work safely and efficiently – with room for creativity and innovation. Thus, on the way from the automated to the autonomous factory, innovative technologies and solutions are needed to meet the future challenges.

Open space lab

In the Open Space Lab we’re testing the possibilities of future-oriented digitalization and automation solutions for the shop floor. This is where we collaborate with universities and partners on new industrial solutions in a manufacturing environment and develop proofs of concept.

Digital enterprise – the ultimate fusion of OT and IT

Industry 4.0 offers the ultimate opportunity to make all data from the shop-floor level (OT) available in a comprehensively structured and standardized form for IT applications. Siemens brings these two worlds together with its products and solutions.

The world of digital mechanical engineering

In the world of digital mechanical engineering, we have a broad range of tools to assist you with design, engineering, simulation, commissioning, performance optimization, and maintenance and servicing.

Autonomous factory showcase

Anyone interested in making highly flexible and productive autonomous manufacturing a reality should consider the example of control panel production: We use a model to show how even lot size one can lend themselves to highly flexible manufacturing – and relieves the employees during changeover.

Electronics Works Amberg, Geräte Werk Amberg

Optimized throughput, ambitious cycle times and effective security measures – thanks to numerous solutions deployed from the Digital Enterprise portfolio, the future of industry is already a reality at the Electronics Works at Amberg (EWA) and Equipment Manufacturing Plant (GWA) at the same location.

New technologies for the factory of the future

Interested in solutions for the factory of the future? In concepts that will make industry even more flexible and sustainable? Would you like to discover how the automation of automation can be achieved? Our groundbreaking new technologies provide the foundation. At THE IMPULSE, we’ve collected the most exciting and relevant global developments. These technologies are crucial to advancing industry toward the autonomous factory. We’ll show you the technologies we use to develop new concepts for industry.

Solutions for production, now and in the future

New technologies are the foundation for new, innovative concepts for the production of the future. But we’re already able to offer specific products and solutions that ensure a future-proof present. And we’re working with customers and external partners to continue refining these solutions. We’re building on this inspiration, and together we’re developing something new. At THE IMPULSE, we invite you to join us on a voyage of discovery where we’ll show you specific solutions for the challenges facing industry.

Our vision is an autonomous factory – designed by and for people, with humans still in place as the key players. This means that industrial production as we know it today is going to change. New and innovative concepts will turn the automated factory into the autonomous factory, one that can handle the requirements of the future. At THE IMPULSE, you’ll learn about the concepts underlying the autonomous factory that we’re developing using our future-oriented technologies. Find out more about our individual solutions so you can use present-day tools to deal with the challenges of the future.

How can you discover innovative, successful solutions over and over again? How do you become a thought leader for industry? And how do you drive sustainable solutions forward? By creating a collaborative network on a partnership basis with the goal of shaping the future of industry. Young visionaries, researchers, and developers and also our suppliers and customers come together at THE IMPULSE to create new inspiration for collaboration. Learn more about how we work together to transform industries.

Open Space Lab

Open Space Lab

Whether it’s subjects like autonomous transport systems, artificial intelligence, or sharing information about human-machine interfaces and sensor expansions – at the Open Space Lab in Amberg we work with universities, students, and external partners to turn future topics into innovations.



In co-creation, we work with our customers to solve challenges and develop visions and concepts for future automation. Our goal is to develop new digital fields of business in collaboration with our customers. Let´s innovate together to transform the everyday.

Partner programs

Partner programs

Knowledge and extensive experience are the keys to shaping future digitalized worlds of production. Thanks to our worldwide partner programs, we offer a global network of highly qualified experts. A network that’s ready for the automation tasks of the future.

Training at Siemens

Training at Siemens

Data analytics, software development, data security … our training plans incorporate all the topics that are relevant to digitalization. The ways we communicate our training and methods are constantly being updated in parallel with the digital transformation.

Innovations and new technologies are only as good as their implementation in practice: Can they prove themselves in daily application and add value? Get inspired by insights into specific solutions for the autonomous factory. On the lower floor of our Visitor Center in Amberg, we’ll show you scalable solutions for industry. Learn how these solutions have been successfully implemented – and how they’ve created more milestones on the path toward the autonomous factory.

Digital Enterprise

The Digital Enterprise combines the real and digital worlds by using the infinite supply of data to make efficient use of our limited resources – and make industry more sustainable.

OT/IT integration

Combining operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) through vertical integration means using data intelligently for data-driven decision-making – for predictive maintenance and condition monitoring, for example.


The Electronics Works in Amberg – called a flagship factory of the future by the World Economic Forum – not only manufactures SIMATIC products, it also implements them in line with the principles of Totally Integrated Automation.


At home worldwide and present in every industry: Switching technology from Siemens is high-tech, with end-to-end solutions that integrate security systems and communication. Product series like SIRIUS set new standards in industry, with the Equipment Manufacturing Plant in Amberg its most important production facility.

Control panel manufacturing

Although almost every control panel is unique, it’s still possible to automate individual stages in the production process. Thanks to full data consistency and the digital twin, fully autonomous control panel manufacturing is now a possibility.


Siemens’ MindSphere® lets you make sound decisions, thanks to a powerful and secure IoT solution that supports scalability, global IoT connectivity, and a simple process for putting applications to use.


SiGREEN – our solution for digitally managing the decarbonization process – enables emission data to be shared efficiently all along the supply chain and combined with data from the in-house added value process to determine carbon footprints at the product level.

Energy management

Software solutions like the SIMATIC Energy Suite allow you to visualize and therefore optimize your energy consumption. You can determine your energy consumption and production costs and optimize them in real time and even create an accurate forecast for future decisions about machine use.


Putting ideas from the autonomous factory into practice

What opportunities do future technologies offer for industry? And how can they be implemented in conjunction with the concepts of the autonomous factory? The references below clearly answer these questions!

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