Professional Services for Industrial Networks

Professional support from the design to the implementation of industrial networks
Professional support from the design to the implementation of industrial networks

Expert support for future-proof communication networks

First-class network components alone will not be enough to create a first-class industrial communication network. A thorough understanding of network designs is at least as important. You get both when you deal with us and our certified Solution Partners. And that pays off for you: We give you professional help in developing your network solution, tailored to meet your specific requirements.

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Industrial networks in the automotive industry, e.g. paint shop

Greater transparency in the paint shop

  • Efficient network monitoring and diagnosis of 500 network participants
  • Easy localization of errors in the network
  • Installation and commissioning in just 5 days during ongoing production
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From design to implementation

How can you ensure that a communication network will meet all current and future industry requirements? And how do you get the most out of the potential offered by state-of-the-art networks? The best way is to work with a reliable, skilled partner that’s every bit at home in industrial automation as in designing and implementing communication networks. In other words: with Siemens.

On-Site Service and Support

Implementing a network solution for industry requires some preliminary work. It starts with an on-site visit to thoroughly review and document the existing network, determine weak points in performance and specify needs. We perform this evaluation review with you. That saves both time and costs, and ensures the project will be smoothly implemented.

Design and Consulting

Whether for a new or an existing network, an expansion project or an upgrade, we perform a thorough performance analysis of your network and infrastructure as part of our Network Design Services and Radio Frequency (RF) Planning and Site Survey Services. We then work with you to determine which levers will work best to meet the required needs.

Integration and Deployment

Our Pre-Configuration and Testing Services minimize the risk of malfunctions and outages in your communication network. Our Implementation Services also let you benefit from rapid commissioning and certainty during the construction stage, all of which will ensure the smooth operation of your plant and network. 

Training Services

Once the project has been implemented, the plant employees will require prompt training to make sure your new network runs perfectly and is efficiently maintained. The complex nature of the latest enterprise-wide communication networks makes it important to understand the system as a whole. We share this knowledge with you as part of our standard training sessions, which analyze the interconnection between automation systems and IT systems from the ground up. Our range of training sessions also includes certification and customized courses.

Professional support for future-proof networks

Professional Services for Industrial Networks

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Networking made easy

How should industrial communication networks be planned, dimensioned, implemented and above all, made secure?  Find out from the expert, Wolfgang Schwering, in his interview. Discover how users can prepare for industrial networks.
References and sample applications

Examples of groundbreaking network solutions

Industrial communication networks can open up tremendous opportunities, but only if they are planned and implemented by proven experts.

First hand expert knowledge

In the knowledge pool, you can find the answers of our experts to important questions about industrial communication networks - available at any time.

Are there recommendations which frequencies should be used for industrial WLANs?

There are no general recommendations, but IT and OT should definitely be decoupled in terms of frequencies. The preference, however, is clearly leaning toward 5 GHz for industrial use, since the 2.4 GHz frequency band is generally strongly utilized for WLAN as well as other radio technologies.

Added value for industrial networks

Reliable and future-proof solutions


Contact us – our experts will happily support you.

It takes professional support to get the most out of today’s complex industrial communication networks. And that’s exactly what you get with Siemens or one of its certified Solution Partners.