Ingenuity drives us

We create things to keep traditions, make the impossible possible, we tackle small and big challenges to make real what matters.
Ingenuity for life

Our aspiration to make real what matters

The world of today, the “4.0 world”, is characterized by vast opportunities. Global connectivity is constantly growing, and goods can be manufactured with higher efficiency and at unprecedented speed. We will work and interact with machines and systems that can perform tasks better than we ever could and thus open up new possibilities for everyone of us. 

At the same time, resource scarcity, climate change, demographic shifts and rapid urbanization are considerable challenges for our planet, our children and for ourselves.

Innovations and ingenious ideas are crucial in a constantly changing environment with ever-increasing desires to be connected, to trust, to act flexibly and to live in a sustainable world.

Ingenuity for life stands for our motivation to relentlessly contribute to societies, our customers, and every individual. We deliver on this promise by combining our passion for innovation, more than 170 years of engineering know-how and our global presence. It is our employees who stand for “Ingenuity for life” every day with their unrelenting strive to make real what matters.

Together with our customers we tap the opportunities, and tackle the challenges that face us. Through our expertise in the areas of electrification, automation and digitalization, we create lasting value today and for future generations.

This is what drives us and this is what we promise.

This is Ingenuity for life.

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