Reaching new heights with intelligent buildings

With the help of the outstanding intelligent energy system from Siemens, Shanghai Tower stands as one of world's safest and most reliable, energy-efficient super high-rise buildings.
Sustainable Energy

A tower for the 21st century

Siemens is helping Shanghai Tower to build the most advanced intelligent energy system. With its extraordinary performance in high efficiency and saving energy, Shanghai Tower has received a LEED Platinum certificate for green building design. From now on, intelligent building works at a new level.

Stability, innovation, safety and high efficiency: building Shanghai's tallest skyscraper

Shanghai Tower Construction and Development Co., Ltd. is building Shanghai's tallest skyscraper, Shanghai Tower, the newest architectural icon of China.

Siemens supplies products, consulting, design and components for five critical systems at the core of Shanghai Tower: low and high voltage power distribution systems, energy automation, fire alarm control systems and intelligent illumination control.

Thanks to the world’s safest and most reliable high-voltage switchgear and excellent engineering from Siemens, our customer was able to place the transformer plant in the basement to minimize power losses during transportation. This system will be maintenance-free for 30 years and has a lifecycle of 50 years. The low-voltage circuit breakers, essential for the capillary power distribution to end users, are known for their industry-leading maintenance convenience.

The Energy Automation system has a real-time electricity consumption monitoring function that can save five to ten percent of total energy usage.

The FSP fire alarm control system has an effective and timely response. It is highly reliable and meets the strictest regulatory requirements for high-rise building safety.

The EIB intelligent illumination control system is essential to reducing electricity consumption while not compromising the comfort of the working environment throughout the building.

Siemens and Shanghai Tower have developed very friendly and efficient long-term cooperative relationship. While most of the system's value is in its low maintenance requirements, Siemens will also offer input on how to extend the life of all the components and minimize downtime of more critical elements while supporting the management of Shanghai Tower with the latest technology.


Creating Shanghai's tallest building

Siemens supplied Shanghai Tower with intelligent lighting, fire alarm controls and energy management systems plus comprehensive product portfolio, consulting, design and components ensuring the ultra-high building's safety, energy efficiency and reliability. The city is reaching for new heights.
The high voltage 110kV GIS substation and low voltage power distribution products offer utmost reliability and stability.
Reliable and stable power transmission and
distribution solutions
- The Energy Automation system provides real-time monitoring of electricity consumption, which increases efficiency of operation and maintenance.
- The EIB intelligent illumination control saves electricity while enables high level of comfort in working environment.
5%-10% energy saving
Energy saving
The 110kV GIS substation is one of the most compact systems of its kind available worldwide, with extremely low levels of noise and emissions.
Environmental friendliness
The FS720 fire alarm control system provides solutions for fire safety, evacuation, smoke control, construction protection, and fire-fighting device allocation.
  • Early and reliable fire detection
  • Clear and fast alarming and evacuation processes
  • Tailored intelligent extinguishing

Taking in the view

Standing at 632 meters, the Shanghai Tower is the tallest building in China. It’s also the most environmentally friendly mega-skyscraper in the world, due to automated energy management, reliable energy transmission and distribution, intelligent lighting, and trustworthy fire alarm control.

Sending power into the sky

Every building needs a dependable technical system - especially a towering skyscraper. Energy transmission and distribution, energy automation, and fire safety products from Siemens can cope with any eventuality, ensure reliable and stable power supply, efficient power consumption, and respond instantly to any emergency.

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