What can balance the load in our power grid – even when renewables are subject to fluctuations?

The energy utility VSE AG offers small power producers access to the energy market using Siemens software that also maintains the stability of the grid. Which is good for us all.
Innovative Energy Transition

Grid stabilization thanks to software

Energy control is becoming increasingly more important to help balance fluctuations in wind and solar energy. With the Siemens pooling solution, even small power generators can take part in this attractive market and support the energy transition at the same time.

A future-proof solution for small power generators and flexible consumers

The energy transition is a big challenge for power producers and energy service providers. While renewable energies like wind and solar have priority in the grid, stability must not be jeopardized. The VSE AG, headquartered in Saarland, sees itself not only as an electricity producer and energy trader, but also as an interface between energy producers, network operators and end users. This complex field of activity requires an innovative solution that can act flexibly.
The Siemens Pooling Solution is an efficient, highly-automated tool that delivers control energy from a pool of smaller electricity producers into the market. The software captures and aggregates partnered resources, which are packaged and placed in an online trading platform for auction. Ancillary procedures including delivery and billing are carried out within the pool.

Thanks to the pooling solution from Siemens, VSE AG has established itself as an energy enterprise and markets the balancing energy reserves (tertiary and secondary reserves) of smaller companies.

The companies in this pool - public utilities, private industry, operators of biomass and biogas power plants - produce energy for private and emergency use in small plants. Thanks to the Pooling Solution, these operators, whose systems do not achieve the required min. capacity of 5 MW, may now participate in the control energy market, and increase their revenues. The VSE AG and its pooling partners also help the energy transition. As power from wind and solar increasingly joins the range of services in the electricity grid, it is subject to increasing fluctuations, which must be offset. This is accomplished through the use of power plants with reliable power resources, such as those of the VSE AG pooling partners.

Virtual power plants are an important building block of intelligent power supply grids. Without them the energy transition is not possible.

Jan Mrosik, CEO, Energy Management


Creating a big power plant from many small producers

With the innovative software “Pooling Solution” small producers of electric power can be connected, enabling them to take part in the control energy marketplace. Trading this power serves to stabilize the grid when electricity production at wind and solar power plants naturally fluctuates.
The energy service provider VSE AG integrates small power generators, whose capacity usually lies between 150 kilowatts to 2-3 megawatts, into virtual 5 megawatts packages. These can be traded on the energy control market. If a package bid is accepted VSE AG ensures that the power can be accessed at the agreed time. VSE AG also takes care of the billing with the operators of the control energy exchange.
The frequency stability in the grid is a prerequisite for a reliable power supply. If the frequency is too low because there is not enough power in the network, or if there is a short term surge, when, for example, a gale hits a wind farm, the frequency must be balanced with positive or negative control energy.
In Germany there are four transmission system operators, TenneT, 50Hertz, Amprion and TransnetBW, who must ensure sufficient energy is always transported via the high-voltage grids to and from the distribution networks. If necessary, it is their responsibility to purchase control power in order to stabilize the networks.
Since 2001, the four transmission system operators in Germany, Tennet, 50Hertz, Amprion and TransnetBW, have sourced control power from the online-based control power market (regelleistung.net). Procurement is carried out through competitive bidding.

Powering the Modern World

Energy production from renewable sources is getting competitive and is thus growing considerably. New business models have emerged to cope with this dynamic context. The Siemens pooling solution allows producers to combine forces, trade in the control energy market, and efficiently deliver their output to consumers.

Management solution to control power plants and fleets

Flexible solutions and platforms for digitally transforming your company: New products and services for domestic and commercial energy consumers, owners of decentralized facilities and for offers to energy markets

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