Creating Perfect Places

Perfect places are safe places

All of us spend most of our lives in buildings, either at home, at school, at work or even on vacation, in hotels or public buildings like museums etc. Yet, no matter where we spend our lives, fire saftey must be the highest priority. Fire safety systems integrated into building automation can not only save lives, but also protect assets, buildings, and even business continuity. Digitalization and the Internet of Things play a vital role in this – by connecting facility sensor data, video, and other types of building data for analysis and immediate feedback, enabling better informed operational decisions.
Our portfolio

One portfolio to keep people, assets and buildings safe

Complete, innovative fire protection systems for every demand. Our products and systems are built to detect fires as early as possible, to alarm and activate the preprogrammed control functions. As a leading international provider of fire safety technology, we have learned how fires work. This knowledge has contributed to the development of our high-quality fire safety products, systems, and solutions.
Siemens Solution Partner

A strong bond for mutual success – a partnership for perfect places

Our products, support and innovations enable our Siemens Solution Partners to create perfect places. We engineer and energize each part of our business to focus on our partners´ expertise and activities. Supporting them is at the heart of our vision: to make a significant contribution to our greater shared mission.
Consultant support

Consulting for perfect places

Application expertise, a complete product portfolio and optimized processes lay the foundation for market success. We offer you on-demand, practical and field-proven support and consulting for your individual requirements. Process optimization, extensive industry expertise and innovation leadership are just a few of the benefits available to boost your profitability. In a short period of time and using a system´s approach, we work with you to address your most important issues in order to ensure that you achieve your objectives.
Single-source solutions

Creating perfect places with a comprehensive portfolio

Ensuring the perfect room climate for building users, and keeping people and assets safe while minimizing the cost and energy used for building automation: Our comprehensive portfolio offers the right solution for any requirement, not only for fire safety systems, but also for all HVAC applications. Frmo field devices to room operator units to management platforms. Products made perfect for their users´ needs – for every stage of life.