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Approved Partner – Industry Services

Even the best technology can sometimes fail. That’s when our network’s Approved Partners for Industry Services can quickly be dispatched to your site. They bring with them comprehensive expertise in the areas of maintenance, fault analysis, and repair – using state-of-the-art technical equipment. As a rule, the problem is quickly identified. And thanks to high stock availability for spare parts, it is usually solved just as swiftly. This allows your processes to continue running smoothly and ensures high plant availability.

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Service experts for high plant availability

Our Approved Partner – Industry Services offer all maintenance and repair work for Siemens’ products and systems.
  • Outstanding product expertise
  • Highly qualified personnel
  • Exceptional knowledge and in-depth experience in the areas of fault analysis and repair
  • Comprehensive knowledge of all spare parts
  • Local presence, flexibility, and proximity to the customer
  • Comprehensive service for repairs
  • State-of-the-art technical equipment to carry out repairs in-house or directly at the plant
  • Remote maintenance tools
  • Guarantee of high plant availability
  • High availability of spare part stock  
  • Management of an optimal replacement when required
  • Low-voltage converters
  • Direct-current motors
  • Gearmotors
  • Low-voltage non-standard motors
  • Low-voltage motors

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Find the right partner with just a few clicks

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