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Knowledge is the key to shaping the production universe of the future. We have committed to systematically developing, training, and certifying our partners with a program that is unique worldwide. The result is a group of highly qualified and competent experts comprising a global network that is continuously adapting to new requirements and technologies, making it fit for the automation tasks of the future.

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Systematic qualification

All partners in our global network are systematically qualified in a manner that is geared to their prior skills and knowledge and tailored to the specific needs of their enterprise. 

As part of our systematic management of expertise, both sales and technically oriented employees have the opportunity to evaluate their individual level of knowledge and participate in continuing education through the extensive Siemens training program for partners.


Certification to the high standards of Siemens

In order to join our program, each of our partners must prove that they are an expert in their discipline. This technical certification process takes place in clearly defined performance segments and is uniform worldwide. In order to remain up to date, this certification must be renewed at regular intervals.

In this way we ensure that our partners everywhere in the world possess state-of-the-art technical expertise and knowledge that you benefit from.

Further training

Always state of the art

Those who stop getting better stop being good. The expertise of our partners is therefore continuously adapted according to the rapid pace of technological change. We accomplish this through ongoing education, regular updates of products and systems, and workshops, webinars, e-learning sessions, web-based training, and courses held in classroom settings. With each of our partners, you will be participating in the forward march of technological progress in its full scope.


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Find the right partner with just a few clicks

Global Partner Finder