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Siemens Solution Partner – Automation Drives offer tailor-made complete solutions in the areas of automation and drive technology. Depending on their specialization, they provide services in various fields of competence with high-level expertise and profound technical knowledge. Some are specialists in specific industries, while others are reliable experts in solutions based on digital technologies and systems. Each is highly qualified in their chosen area. All of them also offer future-proof solutions of unrivaled quality based on the Siemens product and system portfolio.

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Fail-safe automation with SIMATIC Safety Integrated

The seamless integration of machine safety into the automation system with SIMATIC Safety Integrated means that the safety functionality is already integrated and no additional system is required. This makes production lines not only highly flexible, but also more available and cost-saving while complying with legal safety regulations.

As the safety functions and the regular machine functions can be optimally coordinated, this increases engineering efficiency. In addition, the system of hardware and software leads to reduced wiring costs due to fewer types and parts, as the external safety solution is no longer required. Thanks to fast error detection and correction, the system also ensures a minimum of downtime and faster commissioning of machines.

Our Solution Partners with Factory Automation Safety expertise are here to support you in implementing fail-safe automation. They have a detailed knowledge of standards and regulations for functional safety and offer risk analyses to enable directive conformity and CE marking of the machines and systems.


> More about SIMATIC Safety Integrated and fail-safe automation



Expertise as a factor that ensures success. Case studies from the field.

No matter how complex your task is, you can be assured that our partners will use their proficiency and experience to lead your project to success.

Customized projects from partners with certified product and system-related solution expertise

Short-term changes in requirements, fast retrofitting or simple and secure remote maintenance – with the right partner, you always have the best advice at your side: Digital solutions in industry are more important than ever to always be able to respond to changing conditions – for more flexibility, speed and safety in production. Rely on the expertise of Solution Partners and benefit from customized solutions with innovative technologies thanks to first-class certified product and system-oriented expertise. Simply select the right Solution Partner with the right expertise to solve your challenges in the Partner Finder.

Factory Automation

Automation solutions for flexible and efficient production processes

End-to-end integration of data is the key to efficiently unleashing all the benefits of digitalization. The automation concept Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) ensures seamless interaction between all automation components and the software, as well as higher-level systems and services.


Our Solution Partners are ready to support you. Their expertise and experience in selecting and implementing the automation components meet the requirements in your industry. With end-to-end automation, you are able to respond faster and more flexibly to current and future challenges.


Intelligent data usage for more flexible and efficient processes

The world is becoming increasingly more digital. In modern industrial plants, the volume of data is growing rapidly – and it must be managed and archived for long periods of time. Production processes need to simultaneously be monitored and controlled in reliable, efficient and productive ways, as well as continuously optimized. That’s why data analysis offers valuable potential for enhancing strategic decisions.


The open and scalable system landscape of SIMATIC SCADA supports the vertical integration of your production data to the MES/ERP level – and all the way to cloud solutions.


Our Solution Partners work with you to implement your SCADA projects with innovative, future-proof and customer-specific solutions with state-of-the-art service.

Control Panels

Smart solutions for switching technology and power distribution

Efficient power distribution and industrial switching gear ensure that digital production environments are operated smoothly.


Our Solution Partners support you with special expertise in industrial switching gear technology, intelligent motor management for control cabinets and systems, and complete low-voltage switching gear. In combination with our broad portfolio of systems and components, as well as efficient engineering tools and cloud-based offerings, our partners create solutions flexibly tailored to your individual requirements. 

Process Control System

Modern process control technology for safe plants tomorrow

Innovative process control technology is the central element in automated process plants, such as in the chemical or pharmaceutical industries. It’s also a key component on the path to digitalization. By controlling, regulating, visualizing and monitoring processes, it ensures that your plant operates reliably, fail-safe and efficiently.


SIMATIC PCS 7 or SIMATIC PCS neo form the basis of your end-to-end digitalization concept – including plant engineering, simulation, commissioning, automation and efficient plant operation.


Our Solution Partners have a strong focus on the process industry. Together, develop the right solutions for your projects, which enables you to increase production efficiency, ensure product quality and flexibly meet changing requirements.

Process Analytics

Precise measurement for eco-conscious and resource-saving processes

Process and quality optimization strongly depends on precise measurement results – for environmentally-conscious and resource-saving production in all industries. The complex analysis of process gases requires accurate measurement results of individual components. 


Our comprehensive process analytics product range is designed to meet your measurement demands while also complying with strict legal requirements.


Our certified Solution Partners combine in-depth know-how with innovative analysis technologies to develop customized analysis systems based on your application. 

Process Instrumentation

Transparent process measurements for optimum process quality

High process quality plays a decisive role in ensuring that plants in the process industry operate efficiently and obtain optimal results. When it comes to continuously measuring, checking and optimizing this quality, plants must rely on accurate and transparent process measurements right down to the field level.


Our Solution Partners support you with intelligent measurement devices from our innovative SITRANS portfolio. Increase the efficiency of your process plants and continuously improve product quality – benefit from the versatility of a holistic solution for your process tasks from a single source.

Industrial Strength Networks

Professional networking for optimal interaction of automation components

An efficient and secure network structure makes digitalization solutions possible in industrial environments. Our innovative SCALANCE and RUGGEDCOM products deliver a comprehensive portfolio for ideal networking capabilities of any industrial application.


Our Solution Partners have special technological expertise, which enables them to offer high-quality solutions, services and support – especially for applications in automation, energy supply, transportation, oil & gas, or the food & beverage industry. Network consulting and design is critical when increasing the operational efficiency and effectiveness of industrial networks. And to connect production networks to office networks.


Take advantage of the experience and know-how of our certified Solution Partners and make your industrial networks ready and secure for the future. 

Industrial Communications

Future-proof communication networks for plant digitalization

Supported by strong and secure networks, industrial communication plays a key role wherever machines, plants and energy distribution are controlled. That’s why Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) should be tailored exactly to the specific requirements of your industry.


Our certified Solution Partners have industrial communication expertise and a deep understanding of network structures – perfect for the digitalization of your plant. They plan, implement and operate integrated solutions with efficient use of SIMATIC NET communication components and industrial bus systems for the manufacturing and process industries.

Identification & Locating

Efficient processes from production to logistics in full view

Where is each product and component? When is it there? In what condition is it? For industrial processes in digital enterprises, it’s imperative to have complete transparency and a high degree of individualization at all levels.


Industrial identification is a key technology for the Digital Enterprise, helping to capture and process data at strategically relevant points. With dynamic real-time radio positioning of relevant objects, you have a trusted way to optimize material flows, plan efficiently, and precisely control your processes.


Backed by years of experience, we offer a comprehensive and integrated range of identification and localization systems.


Our certified Solution Partners are Identification & Locating specialists. Take advantage of their know-how to implement your production or process plant more flexibly, intelligently and profitably. Rely on their expert guidance when it comes to increasing the transparency of plant availability, utilization levels, and energy saving potential – with a flexible and future-proof solution. 

Drives & Motion

Optimized drive solutions for efficient production plants

Nothing moves without drives – in both the process and manufacturing industries. Our intelligent drive systems – highlighted by core products SINAMICS and SIMOTICS – integrate seamlessly into any automation environment. With intelligent drive technology, you are also able to optimize your digital transformation. Accelerate planning, engineering, and plant integration, while saving energy costs over the entire life cycle.


Our Solution Partners deliver strong expertise in Drives & Motion. Rely on high competency in various industry sectors and areas of mechanical engineering, such as for standard drives and simple positioning applications with simple servo axles. And count on simple solutions with unsynchronized multiple axles for a range of uses: pumps, fans, conveyors, compressors, mixers, mills, extruders, rotary indexing tables, simple material feeding or storage, and retrieval machines.


Increase the productivity of your plant and your competitiveness with the experience and know-how of our certified Solution Partners.

Drives & Motion Control Cranes

Reliability for every crane application

In many industrial areas – such as shipyards, terminals, steel mills and power plants – cranes play an important role in everyday operations. And that means availability, productivity and safety must perform at high levels.


Our SIMOCRANE system offers proven technology designed for crane control solutions. It delivers a comprehensive automation and software portfolio for crane automation, giving your plant reliable performance, simple engineering and fast commissioning.


Our Solution Partners assist you with expert proficiency in crane control engineering. Achieve maximum performance and safety for a range of applications – from fast and precise handling of large and heavy goods to efficient and cost-effective dispatching of container ships. Benefit today and tomorrow from the specialized skill our certified Solution Partners. 

Machine Tool Systems

Machine tool digitalization for new market potential

Every industry has its own unique set of requirements – machine tool manufacturing is no different. When it comes to market demands, digitalization enables machine manufacturers and operators to respond more flexibly and increase their production.


From standardized automation concepts for the automotive industry to special technologies for aerospace applications, Siemens Machine Tool Systems offers an optimized portfolio of high-performance CNC systems with industry-specific support and service solutions.


Our Solution Partners offer the certified Machine Tool Systems expertise that help make your parts production more effective. They also assist in transferring production to the Digital Enterprise through technological expertise and knowledge of networking, as well as the use of production process data.


Work closely with our partners and develop individual solutions for mechanical and electrical automation, or for a retrofit. This enables you to achieve maximum productivity in manufacturing, from service to maintenance.

With proven application and industry expertise to future-proof solutions

Increasing production speeds, maximum availability and flexibility, optimal product quality and the intelligent application of manufacturing data to exploit productivity potential and reduce life-cycle costs – the requirements in manufacturing processes are enormous. But also in the process industry, challenges such as rapid fault diagnosis in critical process situations, better message analysis, fast and accurate detection of process deviations, but also maximum ease of use and high operational safety with minimal engineering effort have to be mastered. Utilize the Solution Partners for sustainable and forward-looking solutions: Every day, the Solution Partners use innovative technologies and their proven project experience to meet all industry-specific requirements. Find the Solution Partner for your projects in the Partner Finder based on search criteria such as specific expert modules and industries.


In full control of production processes – with SIMATIC SCADA

With the digitalization of industrial plants, the volume of available production data is growing. The data can be used in many ways – for example, to ensure the reliability of production processes or identify hidden potential for improved efficiency.

For SCADA systems, this also creates the challenge of processing such huge data volumes. They must be managed and connected to other places, such as MES, ERP and the cloud. Our certified Solution Partners can help you to modernize your current SCADA system, making production processes more reliable, efficient and productive.

Factory Automation Safety

Fail-safe automation with SIMATIC Safety Integrated

The seamless integration of machine safety into the automation system with SIMATIC Safety Integrated means that the safety functionality is already integrated and no additional system is required. This makes production lines not only highly flexible, but also more available and cost-saving while complying with legal safety regulations.

As the safety functions and the regular machine functions can be optimally coordinated, this increases engineering efficiency. In addition, the system of hardware and software leads to reduced wiring costs due to fewer types and parts, as the external safety solution is no longer required. Thanks to fast error detection and correction, the system also ensures a minimum of downtime and faster commissioning of machines.

Our Solution Partners with Factory Automation Safety expertise are here to support you in implementing fail-safe automation. They have a detailed knowledge of standards and regulations for functional safety and offer risk analyses to enable directive conformity and CE marking of the machines and systems.

Industrial Energy Management

Tailored solutions for Industrial Energy Management

Energy is a valuable resource and an important building block for sustainable production. End-to-end energy management from individual machines in production to the corporate level is indispensable to continuously optimize energy consumption and energy costs, and to improve the overall productivity and efficiency of your processes. In addition, an energy audit or an energy management system according to ISO 50001 is mandatory for many companies.


Benefit from the extensive project experience and industry know-how of our certified Solution Partners for customized energy management and cost-optimized energy purchasing for your plants. With our scalable products and solutions ranging from field-level energy data collection to enterprise-wide management-level energy analysis, our partners support you in the operation of your plants.

Machine & Line Simulation

Simulation for fail-safe commissioning

For production machines and lines, commissioning is the decisive phase of the project: Only then does it become clear whether the overall system of mechanics, electrics and automation works together as planned. However, unplanned behavior and errors can quickly lead to delays and high costs.

Virtual commissioning drastically reduces this risk. Production machines are first tested in a virtual environment before being commissioned in the real world.

Our certified Solution Partners help you to implement simulation and virtual commissioning. In this way, machine and plant builders as well as manufacturing companies can minimize the risk of unknown errors and, at the same time, save costs.

Industrial Edge

Utilize your production data – with Industrial Edge

The digitalization of production, from the field level to the cloud, creates vast amounts of data. Using this data is the key to competitive production and the development of new business models.

With Industrial Edge, you are able to use the resulting data directly at the machine. Data is collected and analyzed without disrupting production. The insights are then used to optimize the machine. However, this does not exclude further processing of the data in the cloud. Industrial Edge also offers easy integration of the machines and plants in the cloud to benefit at one location from the data of plants worldwide.

Our Solution Partners can help you implement Industrial Edge in your production. The certified experts have proven product know-how and are thus able to develop a customized solution for your requirements.

IIoT Cloud

Analyzing production data with MindSphere

The digitalization of production generates vast amounts of data. The big task, however, is to make good use of it. Only with intelligent evaluation of all data can manufacturing companies fully benefit from the digital transformation.

With MindSphere, our industrial IoT-as-a-Service solution, there is a wide range of options for data analysis. In addition to providing, collecting and analyzing data, there are also many apps and applications available to improve efficiency and profitability.

Our certified Solution Partners can help you implement our cloud solution for your production. With in-depth MindSphere know-how and plenty of project experience, they are perfectly prepared for the integration of IIoT applications in your plant.

IIoT Connectivity

IIoT Connectivity for your plant

Secure data exchange between operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) is the backbone of digitalization.

But for the smooth interaction of OT and IT, it is important to understand the requirements of both networks. In IT, the focus is on usability as well as the performance of data transmission over a common infrastructure with the highest priority on confidentiality, i.e., comprehensive cybersecurity. In OT, the primary focus is on availability. In other words, the secure operation of systems with reliable data transmission for time-critical applications, in harsh environments and in accordance with security standards.

Our certified Solution Partners for IIoT Connectivity plan, implement and operate integrated solutions with which they optimally connect OT and IT networks, perfectly preparing you for the digitalization of the plant. As experts for industrial plants, from the field level to the cloud, they draw on many years of experience and unerringly apply their know-how to find the ideal solution for you.


Reliable process automation for the Food and Beverage Industry

Breweries must adapt to changing markets. To meet consumer tastes, they must constantly expand their portfolio. The key is flexible production that can quickly adapt to new processes while meeting the industry's high quality standards.

The BRAUMAT process control system enables effective control of recipe-controlled processes, ensuring a high level of transparency, improved flexibility, and optimum quality. Our certified Solution Partners support the process automation of your brewery with BRAUMAT. With many years of project experience and extensive knowledge of the brewing industry, they are experts in the complete process, from the brewing kettle to the glass.

The Food and Beverage Industry for dairy processing or the production of lemonades and soft drinks faces similar challenges. With new, individual customer requirements, the increasing importance of sustainability and maximum productivity, a reliable process automation system is essential.

With SISTAR, a system is available to meet all these requirements. Above all, the individualization of the system, depending on the requirements of the end product, seamless scalability and fast engineering enable precise results and high stability. With in-depth know-how, our certified Solution Partners are ideally prepared for the implementation of SISTAR to make the process automation of your plant transparent and future-proof.

PCS 7 Applications

Efficient solutions for process automation

Process plants are becoming more complex, and the range of tasks for plant operators is broadening. In order to best support the operating personnel, relevant process information must be available at all times.

That is why we offer you customized solutions and special industry know-how with certified partners. Rapid fault diagnosis in critical process situations, better message analysis, and fast and accurate detection of process deviations are just some of the aspects in focus here. At the same time, our Solution Partners ensure maximum ease of use and high operational reliability with minimum engineering effort. In this way, you gain improved flexibility, scalability, availability and safety in your process automation.

Process Safety Applications

Maximum process reliability through expert knowledge

For plant operators, process safety is a top priority when handling hazardous processes. Hazards to people, the environment and equipment must be minimized without compromising the production process.

Our certified Solution Partners for functional safety support you in achieving the overall risk-reduction goals. They help you implement the best possible protection thanks to reliable safety systems that place the plant in a safe condition in time if the trigger limits are exceeded. With in-depth know-how in the implementation of such systems and all aspects of functional safety, as well as detailed knowledge of applicable standards and regulations, they are the ideal partner for the safety of your production processes.

PCS neo Applications

More competitiveness with a web-based process control system

The process industry operates in a very complex environment. The demands on control technology are correspondingly high. It should not only meet the current requirements, but also be designed for adaptations and expansions of the plant or new locations through high scalability and flexibility.

By using the new web-based SIMATIC PCS neo process control system, our Solution Partners create ideal conditions. With central, object-oriented data management, the web-based process control system ensures that everyone involved has direct access to consistent and reliable information at all times in order to make the right decisions as quickly as possible.

Our certified Solution Partners support you in the implementation of PCS neo. With years of project experience and expert knowledge of the process control system, they are the ideal partners for getting the latest control technology up and running in your plant. This will allow you to manage global engineering projects and the operation of your plants even more efficiently in the future – regardless of location, using any device and with the best usability.

PCS neo Lifecycle

Here, you will soon find out all about how our partners can support you in the area of PCS neo Lifecycle.

In the meantime, maybe one of our certified Solution Partners can help you – find your partner here:

Converting & Printing

Holistic solutions for scalable automation and drive technology

Ever higher production speeds, maximum availability and flexibility, optimum product quality and minimum life cycle costs – the demands in the converting industry are immense.

These are easy to master, however, with our Solution Partners and their specialist expertise, because they create seamless converting solutions for you from a single source. Thanks to platform-based components, these can be implemented quickly, easily and securely and tailored precisely to your requirements.

Whether winders, cross cutters or flying saws: For first-class processing of continuous material webs, we offer you an extensive range of automation and drive systems for every machine type – and the Solution Partner with the proven expertise.


Flexible handling solution for all your requirements

The requirements for manufacturing companies are increasing. Products need to reach the market ever faster, in smaller batch sizes, or completely individualized. At the same time, cost pressure is growing while product quality must be maintained or even increased.

Innovative machine concepts are needed to respond to these new challenges. Handling solutions play an important role here, setting new standards not only in terms of performance. They can also be implemented flexibly and rapidly in an integrated automation platform.

Our certified Solution Partners can help you implement modern handling solutions – for example, in the glass, plastics or packaging industries. In this way, your systems keep pace with the rising demands of a rapidly changing market and ensure maximum flexibility and productivity for your production processes.


Thinking Intralogistics further – with digitalization!

The Intralogistics Industry is facing new challenges. The rapid growth of e-commerce is causing higher inventory turnover with shorter storage periods, small order quantities with fast delivery times, increasing return rates as well as the short-term delivery quantities. The key to meeting these requirements is digital intralogistics processes that provide greater flexibility while ensuring maximum reliability and availability.

The digitalization of intralogistics can be implemented with an end-to-end digital portfolio for all main technologies. Existing centers can be equipped with driverless transport vehicles, state-of-the-art conveyor technology and automated storage systems that enable more efficient and transparent processes.

Our certified Solution Partners support machine builders and customers in unlocking the benefits of digitalization for logistics centers. With in-depth industry know-how and an end-to-end portfolio, they help you master the digital transformation!


Digitalization for the entire life cycle of your plant

The chemical industry is facing enormous competitive pressure. Plants must become more flexible and more efficient, while maintaining availability at the same time.

To remain competitive throughout the entire plant cycle, our Solution Partners help you to optimize your plant with in-depth know-how and many years of project experience. With end-to-end plant digitalization, they create better control of process flows and safety, as well as more efficient applications.   

Whether for petrochemicals, basic chemicals, batch processes or off-site facilities, our experts implement customized solutions for your requirements.

Food & Beverage

Innovative solutions for the Food & Beverage Industry

Flexible, safe batch processes, recipe-accurate production, sophisticated dosing and mixing applications: in the Food & Beverage Industry, high product quality and optimal resource efficiency are always in demand. With customized solutions on automation and innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, digital twin and blockchain, our Solution Partners are the experts for your specific challenges.


Take advantage of the industry know-how and many years of project experience of our certified partners for your solutions, based on digital technologies and systems, and achieve more flexibility, speed and safety in your production with shorter time-to-market.


Digital glass production of the future

Digitalization is changing the Glass Industry. The digital twin allows more production data to be collected, leading to greater transparency and improved quality along the entire value chain. As a result, plant operators and equipment suppliers in the Glass Industry are creating significant improvements in productivity to operate more efficiently, flexibly and quickly.

You don't have to master the digital transformation on your own. Our certified Solution Partners will support you! Years of industry experience make them proven experts, familiar with the requirements and processes of the Glass Industry. Together with you, they plan and implement digitalization concepts tailored to your operation to ensure your business success.


Digital Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Our health is our greatest asset. In the current situation, this is more evident than ever. The pharmaceutical industry plays a key role in tackling this problem. With the development of vaccines and new medications, it is facing major challenges that demand new solutions.

The development and production of new active ingredients is one thing above all: a race against time. Our certified Solution Partners help you to become more efficient and faster – in order to win this race. With high-level expertise and years of industry experience, our selected partners support you in the digitalization of the entire value chain of your pharmaceutical plant. From research and development, optimization of processes, documentation and production to quality assurance and compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and legal requirements.

Water & Wastewater

Intelligent solutions for the Water and Wastewater Industry

Water is the most valuable resource on our planet. The impact of climate change on water cycles confronts us with major challenges in numerous areas of life. In many places, the cost of providing clean water is increasing. At the same time, work must be carried out as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. With end-to-end digitalization of plants and processes, the Water and Wastewater Industry can meet these challenges.

More transparency and the identification of optimization and savings potential help to ensure the security of supply in wastewater plants, water treatment and distribution. Benefit from the many years of project experience and comprehensive industry know-how that our certified Solution Partners offer.

Work with our partners to develop tailored solutions for your plants, in which all components from our comprehensive product portfolio for water management and the latest technologies interact seamlessly.


Your challenges are in the best hands

Our Solution Partner – Automation Drives offer a comprehensive range of services for development and implementation of complex automation solutions. Individual consulting enables you to use innovative solutions to achieve your business goals.
  • Integration of digital technologies and innovations for future-oriented solutions
  • Technically certified according to uniform global quality standards
  • Distinct technological competence
  • Comprehensive application and system know-how
  • Cutting-edge automation know-how
  • Excellent industry knowledge
  • Proven project experience
  • Tailor-made solutions based on the Siemens product and system portfolio for:
    - Factory automation
    - Process automation
    - Drive technology
  • Process and plant design, engineering, and commissioning
  • Application consultation
  • Maximum project quality and safety
  • Feasibility studies

Partner portraits

Our global network of Solution Partners continues to grow. Here, you can get to know some of these experts a little better.

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