We realize partnerships that pave society the way into the future.


Our sponsorship and partnership approach is based on serving the needs of our partners to help them solving their challenges. With our engagement in local communities, arts and culture, education and science as well as sports, we want to initiate sustainable and ingenious solutions. Together with our partners, we create value by reaching people’s minds and hearts: We realize partnerships that pave society the way into the future.

We realize shared value

We improve people’s living conditions by making our technology, skills, infrastructure and knowledge accessible. By joining forces with our strong regional partners, we help to advance and enable societies. Therefore, we are deeply anchored in the societies we operate in, aiming to contribute to their sustainable development whilst simultaneously strengthening our business.

We realize cultural identity

Cultural heritage is essential to connecting with the communities we live in. That´s why arts and culture are crucial for the development of humankind in our society. Therefore, we aim to make culture accessible for all parts of society and offer spaces of encounter for cultural exchange and interaction. By creating perfect surroundings for the enjoyment of music and art we strengthen communal experiences.

We realize digital transformation

As technology partner, we create extended value, enable competitive advantages and emotional experiences in an environment defined by passion. In times of digital transformation, we sharpen our business focus and act as an enabler by demonstrating thought leadership. This means that we realize technology that creates positive changes for our society. We aim to be the company that delivers a lasting transformational benefit to our community.

We realize next generation of talent

It’s the youth who shapes the future. Thus, Siemens is committed to foster the next generation of talent. Our focus is to encourage young people to engage with science, technology, engineering and mathematics. We do so by giving them the opportunity to prove their skills in practice and helping them to gain the knowledge they need.


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