Houses of smArt

Bringing arts and culture to life

This year has proven to be a great challenge

And cultural institutions were hit particularly hard. Yet this difficult experience made us realize once more what an important part of our community and cultural identity they are. We are very proud to be part of that and want to continue our support in making arts and culture accessible for all parts of society.

We keep culture alive

Not only in the literal sense, by offering smart infrastructure solutions to preserve museum objects and keep audiences safe during concerts, but also by offering our support as partners. This stretches beyond financial help, as we collaborate on creative projects and help bringing the arts and business together. In connecting emerging artists with established institutions, we forge new cultural networks and help making the arts more accessible to all parts of society.

Video series

With our video series Houses of smART, we want to give an insight into how we are connected to these prestigious cultural institutions, both with our technology and as partners. Every house is unique in its smart infrastructure requirements as well as the type of partnership we have with it.

Going forward, we want to continue being involved in creating perfect environments for culture and building local communities around it. We will keep making houses of art smart.



Video Series "Houses of smART"