The role of real estate in attaining net zero: Decarbonizing the real estate sector

Real estate space – in the form of buildings and campuses utilized for living or work – are becoming a key focus area for humans as we journey through our evolution. Indoor spaces in a post-COVID era have gained immeasurable value and significance. Across the value chain, the emphasis is increasing on asset life extension, improving utilization, and reducing operating expenditures on buildings. However, as people spend more time indoors, they want entertainment and an improved quality of  life – which results in the consumption of more electricity and resources and increases emissions.


Reading time: 30 minutes

Document length: 25 pages


Key topics and learnings from the white paper:

  • How the real estate sector is transitioning toward a decarbonized future
  • How digitalization will play a pivotal role in enabling real estate decarbonization
  • Real-world implementations that showcase potential
  • How we can plan to successfully leverage this opportunity