White paper: Decarbonizing practices in the global automotive industry

This white paper examines the current state and trajectory of decarbonization within the global automotive industry. By examining and establishing a baseline on industry action, early- mid- and long-term initiatives can be highlighted to help inform manufacturers and producers how they can engage and push themselves further towards full decarbonization. This effort also highlights the challenges and complexities in the path towards decarbonization, which is complex and layered. Industrial producers should be looking outwards to determine how to take best steps from within. The white paper is a joint effort of Siemens AG and Frost and Sullivan.


Reading time: 20 minutes

Document length: 19 pages


Key topics and learnings from the white paper:

  • Facing the energy transition and what this means for the global automotive industry
  • Solutions and services that support decarbonization
  • Getting started on the decarbonization journey and beyond