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Grid edge

The new dimension between intelligent grids, smart buildings and prosumers is opening up space for new business opportunities.
New White Paper: Driving the Energy Revolution

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New momentum

Grid edge opens up new opportunities

Grid edge is at the focus of new energy systems – it's where the consumer, prosumer and the intelligent grid interact. Our energy systems are radically transforming. This transition is driven by digitalization, decentralization and a global call for decarbonization. Old energy models are replaced by intelligent, multi-dimensional grids where electrical energy is also produced, stored and used by so-called prosumers. Solutions at the grid edge enable buildings, infrastructures and industries to optimize their energy efficiency. They empower customers to intelligently integrate renewables and to take control of their energy supply. Grid edge technologies support infrastructure for eMobility expansion. They help us to enhance the way we live and work – creating environments that care.

New whitepaper: Addressing decarbonization at the grid edge.

Decarbonization is a critical transition that is affecting all businesses in the commercial and industrial sector. Discover what measures you should take to get started on the path to decarbonization – download the free whitepaper now.

Co-creating at any scale

Market-specific grid edge solutions

The grid edge affects a variety of companies and stakeholders – on the grid side and on the building and consumer side. Siemens has experience on both sides and understands the needs of each customer set as well as the technologies that meet them.

Stories from the grid edge

Nothing will drive the transition of our energy systems more sustainably than the innovative technologies at the grid edge. It's the dimension between the intelligent grid, smart buildings and active prosumers where new business opportunities and stories are born. Learn what these stories are about and become a protagonist in of one of the most radical transformations in human history.

Customer success stories

Learn how customers successfully applied solutions at the grid edge - creating environments that care.
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