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Emerging technologies and cybersecurity in the      Operational Technology (OT)

Get a deeper insight into how to ensure reliable operations and cyber resilience

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How could you protect critical infrastructures from cyber attacks?
How do you know if your system is hacked?


OT security is becoming the buzzword in the world of power distribution and the cybersecurity aspect is the key element with regard to the IT and OT convergence. In this free webinar you will get real experiences and insights into


  • what are the benefits and challenges of the IT/OT convergence
  • why is it essential and
  • which aspects and constraints do you have to consider in order to ensure grid reliability and cyber resilience

Learn more with our OT expert Mika Loukkalahti from Helen Electricity Network Ltd.- the leading Finnish DSO with the best electricity supply reliability level in Europe. He shares his experience about the mentioned points in our webinar. Our cybersecurity expert Shyam Musunuri explains the risk of arising cybersecurity threats and gives valuable recommendations how to face them.


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Mika Loukkalahti

Mika Loukkalahti - Speaker

Mika Loukkalahti has received his Master’s degree (1996) from Tampere University. He has been with Helen (DSO in Helsinki) since 1997, he has held various positions, now as a Leading Expert, Asset Management.


Shyam Musunuri

Shyam Musunuri - Speaker

Shyam Musunuri is a technology evangelist and Cybersecurity enthusiast. Presently works with Siemens as a Digital Value Creator in the MindSphere Application Center for Internet of Energy.



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