smart cities

Smart Cities

What makes a city smart? Smart city solutions contribute to the effective management of urban areas, improving connectivity, sustainability, and livability. Across all areas of city life, technology and data are used to analyze and optimize, thus enhance outcomes and improve quality of life.

Dimensions of smart city development

Our cities continue to grow at unprecedented rates, and we are living in an increasingly urban world. How do we manage environmental impact, urban resilience and financing? Different dimensions of smart city development have the potential to guide cities in the right direction.

Why Buildings And Charging Infrastructure Go Hand-In-Hand

Wherever electric cars are parked for a longer period of time, charging options must become available and EVs must always be charged on time. This suggestion will send many communities, building operators, and companies on their very own eMobility journey.

Efficient infrastructure for attractive city districts

Cities can greatly benefit from attractive city districts that shape the lives of people and communities, the success of businesses, and the health of the world around them with the help of smart infrastructure. We are offering a fully integrated, bespoke end-to-end solution that combines renewable and intelligent energy supply and energy efficiency, smart buildings, and e-mobility charging to create more caring, integrated urban environments that understand and manage changing conditions, support the people who use them, and make lives better.

Digital readiness and potential

The Atlas of Digitalization

Cities are undergoing a dramatic transformation as part of the fourth industrial revolution. They are increasingly using digital technologies to respond to the spread of urbanization and the huge range of challenges related to this trend. The interactive “Atlas of Digitalization” shows how this transformation is affecting six selected metropolitan areas around the world and how digital technologies are helping them improve the quality of urban life both today and tomorrow.