Smart power distribution

Efficient, resilient, and sustainable solutions for the reliable power supply of buildings, industry, and infrastructure.

Ahead of the zeitgeist

Smart power distribution is our holistic offering for intelligent, digitally supported power distribution that ensures maximum resilience, efficiency, and sustainability from power infeed all the way to the last socket. Our trendsetting solutions for smart power distribution support all steps from planning to implementation, optimization, and maintenance, and they also include consulting, services, and financing solutions. In this way, they ensure investment security and excellent future viability.

How smart power distribution pays off

Sustainability, efficiency, and resilience are the order of the day. This is also true in power distribution. Continuously advancing technological development, we’re actively shaping this zeitgeist. Benefit from our unique offers and concepts for smart power distribution systems that create added value in every respect – in planning, in implementation, and day after day in operation.

Excellent resilience

Extreme weather events, power fluctuations, wear and tear, and cyberattacks must not cause impairment or failure of the power supply. That’s why our intelligent, integrated, and comprehensive solutions provide extensive options for predictive, condition-based maintenance as well as holistic in-depth protection against cyberattacks. Solutions that are precisely tailored to your individual needs ensures the safe and secure operation of the power distribution system and, in this way, business continuity.

Highest efficiency

Today, maximum plant efficiency is a basic prerequisite for business success. Digitalization and intelligent data use create the necessary transparency – right down to the last socket thanks to smart power distribution. Communication-capable devices deliver reliable information about the condition and the status of assets and systems, in this way creating the basis for informed decisions to avoid unplanned downtime and ensure efficient maintenance and maximally effective processes.

Outstanding sustainability

Low energy consumption along the entire value chain and the use of environmentally compatible materials are key to greater sustainability. Our innovative systems and solutions for smart power distribution help increase energy efficiency and reduce power consumption by up to 30%. And on the hardware side, our trendsetting devices such as blue GIS switchgear with Clean Air and reliable vacuum switching technology meet the highest requirements while impressing with a low ecological footprint in production and operation.

Smart power distribution benefits everyone

Value chains in the field of power distribution are extensive and complex, while the various parties involved have largely diverse objectives. Thanks to the holistic approach, smart power distribution delivers tangible benefits for all stakeholders alike. This makes work easier, speeds up all processes, and leads to better results. Discover the benefits you can expect from smart power distribution in your field of activity.

Experience plus innovative power

The basis of smart power distribution is our proven, continuously innovated portfolio of products, systems, and services that pave the way towards a smart power supply systems and the all-electric world for buildings, industry, and infrastructure. The offering covers the entire spectrum of power distribution – from medium-voltage infeed down to the individual low-voltage circuit.

What smart power distribution accomplishes in practice

Whether for buildings, industry, or infrastructure projects: Smart power distribution provides the key for maximum efficiency in planning, implementation, and operation as well as for more sustainability and resilience in electrical power distribution. Discover some typical applications and the numerous benefits in practice.

Talk to our smart power distribution experts

Would you like to learn more about smart power distribution and its benefits for your projects? Do you have more in-depth questions about individual applications? Get in touch with our experts who will be happy to provide you with advice and support.