Power matters – especially for the oil and gas industry

Maximum safety, from the well to the customer

In the oil and gas business, power stability is essential for successful operation. System outages due to power failures or even minor disturbances in the power supply can have severe consequences. Processes and procedures demand maximum availability in power supply. Typically, oil and gas production sites are among the toughest and most dangerous environments. That’s why power matters – safety and security issues call for special attention.

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TIP for oil and gas

A growing market with a steadily increasing need for power

While the world population continues to grow, so does the demand for oil and gas. In 2030, oil and gas will cater for 60% of the global energy demand, with ever more oil and gas used in power generation. At the same time, just about every upstream, midstream, or downstream oil and gas process requires reliable power. And in the face of depleting wells, even more power will be needed for additional production techniques, such as depletion compression. Therefore, power supply must be efficient and reliable, even in remote locations, at all times. TIP solutions from Siemens focus on the unique economic and process requirements of this industry.

Major challenges for oil and gas

In the safety-critical oil and gas industry, space is usually extremely restricted and regulated by the most stringent safety regulations. In an effort to supply offshore power plants from the interconnected grid with power from the mainland, the industry is constantly looking for better solutions which address space needs, maintenance, and investment or personnel costs. And in times of digitalization, complex energy automation systems are being confronted with increasing demands. All components must work together smoothly, while the processes should remain transparent and available. A reliable power supply must always be ensured.

Our answer: Totally Integrated Power

Reliable and competitive power for oil and gas

The current oil price environment is forcing major change and difficult decisions within the oil and gas industry. Producers require new operating models that improve CAPEX and OPEX to respond to short- and mid-term market supply and demand dynamics – and to keep their business thriving. At the back of this, digitalization is gaining ground, with data-driven solutions to boost performance, enhance efficiency and ultimately, to reduce costs. However, all of these processes require reliable and competitive electric power. With Totally Integrated Power (TIP) for oil and gas we offer a comprehensive spectrum of upstream, midstream and downstream technological solutions focused on an efficient power supply and distribution. Fully integrated and coordinated, across all voltage levels and over the entire lifecycle, TIP solutions offer greater supply reliability, shorter response times, higher flexibility, and lower costs – from drill pad to refinery.


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Specific solutions for the oil and gas industry

Maximum reliability even under the most difficult conditions

For oil and gas production, electricity is a cost-intensive factor. That’s why Totally Integrated Power offers power solutions tailored to these requirements, which support the core tasks of the oil and gas industry with low space requirements, reliable performance under the toughest conditions, and maximum energy efficiency.

Increasing demands in times of digitization

Transparent energy consumption, optimal processes, and a smooth power supply: With its comprehensive energy automation portfolio, Totally Integrated Power offers cost-efficient energy management solutions at the highest level, featuring protection technology for energy systems and the control and automation of substations as well as remote monitoring and the measurement and recording of data.

Optimal protection for plants

Oil and gas production sites are among the harshest and most dangerous environments, and power stability is essential for their successful operation. System outages due to power failures or even minor disturbances in the power supply can have severe consequences.

Reliability and safety

Oil and gas production requires robust power supply solutions that ensure day-to-day reliability and availability of equipment in hostile environments. In addition, these solutions need to be safe, flexible, and cost-efficient – over the entire lifecycle.


Successful use of TIP in the oil and gas industry

TIP is an integrated power supply solution that is being successfully used in the oil and gas industry around the world. Here are a number of reference projects.  

Cost- and time-efficient in rough environments

Siemens has supplied customized, fully equipped, and pre-tested modular E-Houses to a Colombian company that transports light crude oil, intermediate blends, and heavy crudes. The E-Houses, which ensure the fast, reliable power supply on oil rigs, include the comprehensive portfolio of medium- and low-voltage switchgear as well as busbar trunking systems.  


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