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Comprehensive portfolio of innovative products, systems, and solutions as your recipe for success

With application examples and support in the planning and ordering process, Siemens is a reliable supplier of switchgear and switchgear components to enable safe and reliable power supply. The proven portfolio for all power levels and control panel boards fulfills all major norms and standards. It offers also tools to turn the challenges of digitalization into business opportunities.    Collaborating with Siemens lets switchgear builders and technology partners alike benefit from integrated support throughout the entire switchgear value chain, from design and production to service.    

Challenges and solutions

Let’s team up and succeed

Requirements and tasks for panel builders are especially diverse. So it’s good to have a partner at your side who understands your needs and knows your business.

Your benefits of the partnership

Siemens offer

Our portfolio enables control panel and switchgear builders to build type-tested low and medium-voltage switchgear based on a reliable technology partnership. As our partner you’ll receive individual bundles of products, trainings, and tools as well as exclusive support offerings along the entire value chain.

As a technology partner, you benefit from our complete portfolio, compliance with all standards, support, and consulting services. You can also pass these benefits on to your customers in line with your business.

Enjoy a variety of benefits

  1. Productivity increase and cost reduction for quality control
  2. Flexibility for adapting to customer-specific requirements
  3. Higher efficiency through engineering tools and product data
  4. Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
  5. Growing team expertise for fast and efficient responses to customer demands

Outstanding testing expertise and always up to date – the Siemens testing laboratories

The testing laboratories at the Siemens Switchgears factories: Berlin, Frankfurt/Main, Regensburg, Leipzig

For more than 80 years, we have been testing electrotechnical equipment and developments in high and medium voltage and low voltage at our accredited test facilities at various factories (Berlin, Franfurt/Main, Regensburg, Leipzig) and ensure the product quality of power engineering equipment.

Meeting worldwide norms and standards is essential for panel builders. Our portfolio supports you with all the required tools and data as well as with valuable expert knowledge to meet all requirements globally.

Comprehensive portfolio for panel builders

Discover new opportunities as a panel builder

Become a strategic technology partner

Discover our diverse partner programs based on our modular concept for SIMOPROME medium switchgear and SIVACON low-voltage distribution boards. With you as our technology partner, we can work together to capture new markets and increase the profitability of our combined business.

  • Design-verified systems and components in accordance with IEC 62271-200 / IEC61439-1/2
  • High level of safety
  • Excellent service
  • Product and software training
  • Easy adaption of the level of added value to your individual needs

SIMOPRIME and SIVACON technology partner program

Various offerings for program partners

Portfolio highlights for Energy Management


Our panel building portfolio in practical use

Have a look at application examples and industry-specific solutions that may be of interest to you.