The Power Reset – a Wunsiedel story

A municipality with 10,000 people whose energy is already 100% carbon-neutral today – Wunsiedel shows that the energy transition is not a distant dream: it’s already taking place. Thanks to a brave vision and the cooperation of an entire region. With a decentralized approach, they use the resources that are on their doorstep, create added value locally and make their contribution to global climate protection. A blueprint for the energy future.

The future of energy needs makers and companies that dare to shape it, and that also have the technology to do so.
Marco Krasser | CEO SWW Wunsiedel GmbH
The vision behind the path of WUNsiedel is to pull ourselves out of the mire by the scruff of our neck and then grow with our own forces, inspire others, and ultimately arrive at an energy model of self-sufficiency.
Karl-Willi “Charly” Beck | former mayor of Wunsiedel

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Phoenix from the ashes.

20 years ago, the small town of Wunsiedel was at the edge: businesses had to close, jobs were lost, locals left for good. When a bunch of idealists decided to stop this race to the bottom. They developed a plan not only to put the region’s energy supply on a completely new foundation, but also to create new prospects.

How the energy future began

From the region for the region – that’s the mantra Karl-Willi Beck internalized in his childhood on the family farm. As mayor, he transferred this motto to the development of the then struggling municipality of Wunsiedel.


A story of energy and family

The secret of the path of WUNsiedel: no one walks it alone. By connecting energy producers with energy consumers, municipality with companies, citizens with technology the entire region benefits. Sandra Hilpert and Lena Greulich impressively demonstrate how much energy is contained in these connections.

The path to a sustainable energy future

Marco Krasser was just 27 years old when he was appointed managing director of Stadtwerke Wunsiedel (SWW Wunsiedel GmbH). His vision of a sustainable energy system is becoming a little more reality every day. Next step: a plant for the production of green hydrogen.


The vision of energy transition coming to live

What Karl-Willi Beck initiated when he commissioned Marco Krasser to rethink energy is being continued by his successor Nicolas Lahovnik in City Hall. In this way, politics not only sets the framework, but also removes obstacles from the Wunsiedel path.

The future of energy – since 2008.

What began with a solar plant on the company's own building has developed into a full-blown energy park. And the journey is far from over.