Privacy Note for Simatic WinCC OA UI APP
Last update: Jan 8th, 2016



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The protection of personal data is very important to us. Therefore, we conduct our activities in compliance with the laws and regulations applicable to the protection of personal data and data security. In the following, we tell you which information we might possibly collect, how we handle that information and to which parties we might possibly disclose such information.


Personal data

We do not collect any personal data (e.g., names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses or complete IP addresses) from our application.


Communication-related or usage-related data

When you access our application via telecommunications services, communication-related data (e.g., Internet Protocol address) and usage-related data (e.g., data on the commencement and duration of usage and on the telecommunications services used by you) are automatically generated by technical means. This data could possibly enable the telecommunications provider to draw inferences concerning your personal data. We have no access to this information. Whenever it is absolutely necessary to collect process and use your communication-related or usage-related data, such activity is conducted in compliance with the laws and regulations applicable to data protection.


Additional information on the respective Apps

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Questions and Comments

If you have any questions or comments concerning our Data Privacy Policy, please contact us and send us your questions or suggestions. We will continually revise our Data Privacy Policy to reflect the further development of the Internet and mobile applications. We will announce changes on this page in due time. Therefore, you should regularly retrieve this page, to learn the current status of our Data Privacy Policy. 


Contact us:

ETM professional control GmbH

Marktstrasse 3

7000 Eisenstadt, Austria

Phone: +43 2682-741-0

Fax: +43 2682-741-52555





Automatically collected non-personal data

When you access our application, information may sometimes be automatically collected (thus, not by way of registration), which is not attributable to a certain person (e.g., operating system used; number of visits; average duration of visit; publications retrieved). We use this information to assess the attractiveness of our application and to improve its performance and content.


Links to other websites

The Siemens application contains links to Siemens websites, which themselves contain links to other websites. Siemens is not responsible for the data protection policies or content of these other websites.




Siemens publishes privacy notices for selected mobile applications, including Simatic WinCC OA UI App 



We may update this Privacy Notice from time to time.