Cranes Technology Conference - Virtual Edition

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Welcome to the Crane Technology Conference – Virtual edition

The Crane Technology Conference is an annual event in which our crane specialists share the most advanced technology on the Cranes’ business. This year, we are pleased to share our presentations in the format of on-demand videos.


Safe, fast and efficient operations is our ultimate goal. Digitalization drives the changes to improve overall results and lower operational costs. Full performance operation is the result of the​ perfect fit of many modules and you are welcome to hear them on this Virtual edition.

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Virtual Presentations

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Waterside Automation

Performance and safety for automated single trolley and double trolley Ship to Shore Cranes


Overview of the actual status of the various modules and aspects of STS automation, waterside and landside interfaces including connection to various horizontal transport modes.

Gerhard FIsher

Yard automation

Automation aspects for different terminal layouts and crane types: end loading Automatic Stacking Cranes, side loading Cantilever Automated Rail mounted Gantry Cranes and Automated Rubber Tired Gantry cranes.


Positioning and automation aspects in ARTG´s. End loading ASC´s and side loading C-ARMG´s. truck handling, stacking accuracy, manual intervention rates and cycle times.

Robert Brinkers
Remote control operating solutions

Remote Control Operating Solutions capable of maintaining productivity for various crane types


Setup of safe and secure Remote Control Solutions. Adaptable and configurable for all crane types and operators. Tested and hardened remote control systems achieve a high resilience to cyber threats.

Douwe Wagenaar
Wi-fi 6 or 5G?

Future wireless technologies, recommended approach


In a technology and standardization overview, future wireless technologies, versions and functional possibilities for the industry are discussed, recommendations and outlook.

Sander Rotmensen
Cyber Security for safe and secure operations

How to combine productive and safe operations in line with IEC 62443


Overview of cyber security threats. Risk assessment and Siemens´ IEC 62443 certified cyber security concept for cranes based on Siemens´  layered cyber security defense system.

Steve Heinrich
Power and related infrastructure efficiency in ports and terminal

Energy is business. How to optimize the power infrastructure through sector  coupling, safe and secure integration and self healing power grids


Holistic approach to optimize and integrate the various sectors withing the power infrastructure. Sector coupling, integration of distributed energy systems and renewables results in efficient power usage and minimization of energy cost.

Chris Pretorius
Crane duty motors update

Design, selection, installation, operation and maintenance aspects for crane motors


Updated on selected and recommended indoor/outdoor low inertia hoist motors and high reliability gantry and trolley motors in IC410. Practical recommendations.

Jochen Lang
Digital solutions for predictive maintenance

Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to predict a possible standstill of equipment 


Analysis for prediction of equipment failure and prevention of unplanned downtimes. Productivity gain through accurate  predictions and elimination of unplanned downtimes.

Manus de Valk
Crane modernization

Life extension, upgrade reliability & productivity of equipment


Modernization of existing equipment via replacing obsolete equipment and increase of automation readiness. Preparations for modular automation and productivity increase.

Abdessalam el Azzouzi